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81 Saint Paul University Philippines

It's more fun in St. Paul University. Quezon City.

Psychology is one of their best courses.

Saint Paul University Philippines provides quality catholic paulinian education in a caring environment
____QUEENIE Q. ______

It more fun in saint paul university Philippines

82 University of Eastern Philippines

This university is better than all others because it contains the most professional teachers. This university helps to develop the student's complex set of skills. We should give a big RAH for this truly magnificent university-- University of Eastern Philippines.

Highly accredited university when it comes to graduate studies program! With high caliber professors who can compete to other universities in the city..

83 Miriam College

Best all girls school (and boys also) in the country! Like La Salle, it requires both money and intelligence. Grading system is seriosuly hard! Be ready for it,

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84 John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University System

The leading maritime institution in the Philippines providing almost 12% of seafarers worldwide.. The FIRST and ONLY Maritime University in the Philippines.

The leading Maritime School in the Philippines.

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85 University of La Salette

Saletinain education is deeply inspired with academic excellence and christian centered education. University of La Salette is the University Leader in the locality producing tough professionals in various fields which help the nation in countryside development. This is a leading university that transform lives more livable, truly reconciled with Self, with the Nature and with God. ULS three letters that spells to be the Builder and Creator of Professional Dreams.

The premiere Catholic University in Region II, with a very good program in Criminology

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86 Mountain View College

It is the school that believes that Jesus Christ is the true model of excellence. The school where it's mission is to proclaim the good news of Salvation and to produce holistically developed students. A school that is built on a location that is seen the Dr. Nelson in his vivid dreams. A school that has it's own water supply and 2 Big Hydro Electric power plants. A school that has enough land space to provide food for the sustenance of it's operation. A school where even the poorest high school graduate could finish education through it's working student scholarship program which is open to all. A school where the youth are trained not just for the earth but for eternal purpose of God's Kingdom.

"Love this college for it's eyes taking view and it has the privilege to be listed a one of the best university/college. It has plenty to offer aside from it's courses and attitude of the students but also it has 8 falls inside in it's campus.

"this a school that truly mold students holistically. It does not only prepare students for the task they are facing but also for the greater task that God intrusted to the church. " proud to be mvcian!

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87 University of Perpetual Help System Dalta

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA has been known for its excellence in medical (medicine, nursing, radiologic technology, OT, PT, RT), marine transportation, law and etc. This school is not only making name in academic aspect but also in the field of sports. Altas Perpsquad is well popular for being the undisputed team in NCAA Cheering Competition and has been a consistent top team in National Cheerleading Competition. Altas Men and Women Volleyball team were both champions in the year 2012, 2013 and up to present.

88 University of Luzon

University of Luzon is truly the best in Region 1!

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89 Holy Cross of Davao College

Well actually I am not from hcdc, but I have heard lots about this school existed in davao city way back in 1950s, they are on the top in terms of having very competitive students especially for education students, criminology and many more although the facilities is really old and hahahhahaha, very chaka but they are still the best for me for having grr, ache che

We are on top in TEACHING Field, and Mass communication in DAVAO.

At present, they are upgrading their facilities.

Ex fide ad veritatem

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90 Central Philippine Adventist College

In the world but not of the world!

91 La Salle University Ozamiz

Center of Excellence in the Northeastern Mindanao Area,
Known for Having a 80%-100% Passing rate in all Board Exams! ANIMO LA SALLE!

I came in this school. I agree that Some Lasallian are rich but the school is not for the rich. "it's vision is to help the poor". I can attest because during my time, many of my friends are scholars and we came from poor families in our locality. The quality of education is excellent! ANIMO LA SALLE!

It produce good graduates... ANIMO LA SALLE OZAMIZ
I AGREE THAT THE school give more opportunities to the poor individuals who deserve to be scholar...

92 De Le Salle - Health Sciences Institute

The educators in this institution are the best, who also train the students to be the best while instilling in them the Lasallian values.
It is the best medical institution in CALABARZON.
Regret is never present in this institute.

93 Mindanao Polytechnic College V 1 Comment
94 University of Bohol

It's the first university in Bohol

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95 Philippine Women's University of Davao

One of the best Universities that provides an excellent and Higher education in Modern times

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96 Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities
97 Aquinas University

Aquinas University is not only committed to producing productive and competitive professionals but is also a home for many outstanding and reliable leaders that carries integrity and self-reliance in the professional community. For this, Aquinas deserves to be the number one!

This university not only produces top-notch intellectuals, but also amazingly talented artists as well. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AQUINIAN!

Vita Veritatis Et Amoris Ex Gratitudine! We could easily be distinguished as an Aquinian because there is no other university that can mold you to be a great person, to help people, to save people, to serve people ;)

I AM PROUD TO BE AN AQUINIAN :) soar high, soar beyond!

I'm PROUD TO BE ONE of its amazing product!

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98 University of Makati

University of Makati (Umak) is One if the Best and One of the Lowest tuition fee. 1000 Pesos per Sem but provides Excellent Quality Education. Even that it is a public university, it is one the owns some of the best facilities in all public universities. Almost all classrooms are air-conditioned, and the University is working it our to make all classrooms air-conditioned. It also has a Olympic sized Oval for Track and Field. Olympic sized football Field. Volleyball, Baseball, and many sports facilities and Court. The newly built Building contains high end facilities and classrooms. It also has a Basketball and Volleyball court on the top floor. In addition, it has a World Class GYM available for students and faculty members. It is the only PUBLIC university in the Philippines with such Great Facilities that can match leading Private Universities but paying only 1000 Pesos per Sem and a Quality Education. Better than PUP. Indeed.

I love UMAK! Indeed the best public school in the country with high-class facilities and low-cost tuition fee. With an Olympic sized oval often used by phil azkals for rehearsals, two theaters and many more not found in any public university in the Philippines.

I Love UMAK! A public school that offer a good programs, well organized, now using online enrollment, which has Mini Theater and Grand theater, with world class oval, rooms are fully air conditioned, with e-library, has nice gymnasium with instructors, 2 covered court, dance studio and many more.

Dualized education system and pioneer of the Senior High School Program of the Department of Education. The biggest producer of Grade 12 graduates in the country in which most are NC passers.

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99 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig

University of Pasig brings as much to the table as the others do!

The creation of the university is considered as a milestone of the Eusebio Administration. During my stay in my Alma Matter I treasured many memories with my beloved friends. My professors are my mom and dad my friends are my brothers and sisters They taught me not only in academics but also in life. Right now I am a graduate student in my course Thank you PLP for guiding me in the challenge of life.

To instill and nurture in each student the appropriate and relevant attitude, knowledge, values, and skills needed to become useful and productive citizens, successful entrepreneurs, or gainfully employed members of the community.

Proud to be PLP. This university gives us a lot and amazing knowledge that brings in the real word or industry. This university have an outstanding professor that teach in every student of plp to become better person in the industry or any place.. PLP is the BEST..

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100 Batangas State University

"Batangas State University is still on its way to development" but BatState-U is the home of the best Mechanical Engineers Nationwide! I mean, how much more if our university was there in that so called development?

Batangas State University teaches every student to be independent.
Although the University is still on its way to development, this development is a chance for the students to learn resourcefulness.

In this university, you are not just aiming for better but for the best of your potentials in all professions that you want in the near future.. Let's Build our Dreams, Shape our future, and uphold our sublime.. Be a BORBONIAN! :-)

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