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121 Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Lucena City

This university inculcates in their students the value of hard work and diligence. They are friendly to foreign students and the lecturers know their onions too!

It is now the Institution with the 2nd Highest Number of Accredited Programs in the country and the Highest in Region IV.

The MSEUF has a community of faculty who fosters and upholds a culture of creative and applied researches and other intellectual inquiries.

122 University of Rizal System

This university have a high standard of education

The leading University in Rizal Province, URS is more than books and classrooms. It is a thriving community with strong traditions, caring and qualified faculty & staff, dynamic students, picturesque campuses conducive to learning.

URS gives priority to the holistic development of the individual within a learning environment as it provides opportunities for engaged growth, enlightenment and transformation of the students.

URS continues to support the dreams of the students by bracing them up with innovative programs in response to the fast growing globalization.

THere are many courses and majors here for students choosing.

They are really producing a competent graduates

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123 University of Antque

I am on of the alumni of this University and I know that this university can compete to the other universities in terms of quality education, especially in Department of teacher Education.

It is the only state university in Antique, a new university but it already has several top 10 LET board passers. It is ISO accredited in Maritime Studies

Year 2012, University of Antique ranked 7th placer in LET Exam in the program Bachelor in Elementary Education, National Level with an average of 91%.
Thumbs Up! We are proud to be UANIANS!

124 La Consolacion College

Proud to be LCCian! Learning does not only confide within the four walls of the classroom. This school made me a well-rounded person. The main campus (La Consolacion College Manila) will soon become a university...

The best is yet to come :)
Home of the Blue Royals!

I'm proud to be an LLCian! Built with high morale and spirituality...

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125 University of Batangas

The Best University

The only training center for the K-12 program in batangas province (high school department)
Level 2 going to level 3 accredited by PACUCOA (high school department)
Home of the champions
Hall of famer in all aspects

University of Batangas


Center of Excellence in Education.
Center of Development in Business Administration.
Has four Level 4 accredited status in Liberal Arts, Bus.Admn, Elem. Sec.Ed.
IBM Center of Excellence in I.T. educ.
And lastly, An Autonomous University granted by CHED.
..This is my U.B... Undeniably the Best..^_^..

126 Leyte Normal University

Best school especially in education courses..

Leading school for BSSW in the country. 100% passing for the board exam.

LNU is the best school I'm proud being part of this school!

Founded in 1921

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127 National Teachers College

National Teachers College is the best school for future teacher, not only for taking up education, also the accountancy, Information Technology, and Psychology!

NTC is an educational institution that prepares its students not only to become an exceptional educator but an excellent workers in the academe and industries. I am proud to an NTCians because after my graduation even though I do not have my professional license I was hired as a teacher due to the trainings we've received from our beloved Alma Mater. That's the reason why NTC is just not a college but an institution that molded its students with values and integrity and simplicity. I love The National Teacher College.

Affordable tuition and high standard of teaching

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128 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina


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129 Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) - General Santos City

This School offers a high quality education, I highly recommend this school if you're looking for quality education they also teaches your child values like simplicity, modesty and other values that Mary has. If you're looking for a Marist (Mary and Christ) school NDDU would be a good choice


Standard and Quality Education, Students respects each other and A God fearing institution

Noh noh noh mganda dito noh

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130 Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU)

It is the first Marist university in the Philippines, and it houses the largest library in Mindanao, known as NDMU Library. NDMU is the only university in Koronadal City and it has been a member of the Notre Dame Educational Association, a group of Notre Dame Schools in the Philippines under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

NDMU is a standard university. Offers the best courses and teachings.

NDMU.. One of the top performing school in Philippines... Excellence in Teachers Education, Medtech, Accountancy, I. T etc. Medtech top 9. LEt top notches4,7,8 and 9., accountancy top 5.. 100% passing rate for engineering and medtech..

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131 University of the Immaculate Conception

100% Passing Rate In Medical Technology Licensure Examination. Top 1 Performing Schools in the Philippines For Medtechs. Has Good and Standard Facilities/Laboratories. Has its own Clinical Laboratory Training Center. One of the Best School in Pharmacy and Information Technology. Produces Top Notchers. Produces students with Integrity, God-Centered, Nationalistic, Innovative, Transformative, Excellent and Service-Oriented.


UIC is one of the high standard university in the Philippines.

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132 Philippine Women's University

PWU is a non-sectarian academic institution for men and women in the Philippines, founded in 1919 as the Philippine Women's College by Filipino women who envisioned a school that would prepare young women for leadership and service. Pwu is recognized as the "First university for women in Asia, " and is renowned for its civics-related courses with emphasis on training women in child care and social work.

Educational institution that promotes Christian education and inter-faith ecumenism in the character formation of our learners. Let's go patriots! Maroon and White!

Training us the best of what we can be...

PWU is my University

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133 National College of Business and Arts

As an institution of higher education, we are a teaching and learning community dedicated to the search for truth, the transmission of knowledge, and the appreciation of beauty.

National College of Business and Arts is committed to education of the whole person - mind and heart, body and spirit.

"Educating globally competitive Filipinos"

Proud that I graduated here. I am now working in the Finance Industry with a managerial position

For me, the best school in the field of accountancy. Our professors really assess us and make us competitive with a heart.

A promising institution in the field of Business and Accountancy...

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134 University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

I love UNO-R Because it has a low tuition fee.. And it is a cradle of excellence... ONWARD UNO-R

Today, the university stands as one of the models of excellence in education as the Commission on Higher Education has declared UNO-R as one of the three Autonomous Institutions in Region VI in 2008 and has also been categorized as Category A (t). Likewise, most of the colleges have been accredited by PAASCU.

I love this school because of implementing good values and really has a peaceful environment.

University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos is one of the best university in the Philippines as it is granted as center of excellence in Information Technology and Center of Development in Electrical Engineering. Most of its colleges is PAASCU Accredited! And thus produces topnotchers in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Nursing and Medical Technology.
UNOR! Cradle of Excellence! Proud UNORian!

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135 Father Saturnino Urios University

Father saturnino urios university is always the best!

I love this University because it is a very nature LOver university

Unity, Religiosity, Integrity, Altruism and Nationalism. Proud to be an URIAN!

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136 Isabela State University

Isabela State University is an agriculture-centered institution and yet it molds topnotchers and board passers in Accountancy, Engineering, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Education, and Criminology.

The university of humble topnotchers!

University for people and nature

BEST SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL ever!... :) love you

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137 Don Bosco Technical College

Given that they only have a small population of students enrolled on their engineering course. Student who studied in this institution has had success in the engineering world. They are one of the top honchos of the company.

Plus they are excellent servant leaders who you want to work for and work with.

Because Don Bosco Technical College help the students to have a job after their studies. If you will graduate here, it's not hard for you to have a work someday.

138 University of Caloocan City

This school provides quality of education. Topnotch in Accountancy came here and still producing great student that being belong to a world of big industry. This is also the number 1 AFFORDABLE school in the world, the rate of per semester here is P30.00, but still providing a quality of education that molds students in it's best way. It caters lot of courses like:BS PsychologySpecialization of: Industrial Psychology Special Education Guidance and counselingBS AccountancyBS Financial Management, BS Computer Science, I. T, I. S, Com. SecBS Office ManagementBS Marketing and ManagementBS CriminologyBS Public AdministrationAB EnglishAB MathematicsHotel and Restaurant ManagementThere's a lot of athletic students here that gradually won in competition not only here in Philippines but also in abroad. The facilities also good, they provide air-conditioned library, Academic Rooms, Tambayan, CrossRoad Publications, Clinic and Canteen

I'd like to thank to this University because of the opportunity that they given not only to me but also for the others... This University is one of the medium that GOD uses to make the dreams of young people come true... Thank you and GOD Bless!

The best and satndard even though we don't have agood facilities we are having a good professor that makes us proud in our university

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139 Ramon Magsaysay Technological University

RMTU with dedicated, most patient faculty and personnel thus passing series of accreditation of different programs and activities with less expenditures. Crcrmtugs

RMTU stands proud with its high-performing seven (7) campuses, 65 degree programs, 600-strong faculty and staff, and viable international linkages and consortium agreements. A century of visionary zeal, hardwork, dedication and commitment of its founders, pioneering and contemporary administrators, benefactors and other stakeholders has indeed paid off. -EVP CCG

140 University of Northern Philippines

Level IV State University that produces Quality and Topnoth Graduates! Awesome...

"A University that has a low profile but has a high quality..."

A school of low tuition fee but of high quality.
Graduates are very competitive, now only in the Philippines but world-wide as well.

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