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161 University of Antique

Gaining the impression in teacher education... Belong to top 5 board passers... This university is a pride of antique... Hindi man ngayon ganon katibay but for sure in the coming years, this university will be recognize as on of the best university in the Philippines.

162 St. Scholastica's College Manila
163 Holy Name University

Dubbed as the "Only Premiere Catholic University in the Province of Bohol", Holy Name University (HNU) remains unchanging and consistent in providing high-standard quality education anchored on its core value of "Trailblazing Excellence in Educating Servant Leaders". We are Witnesses to His Word!

Since HNU is a sister school of USC, I consider this university as the most prestigious university in bohol and in fact, it formerly approaches its standard such that it topped almost every board examinations in different field of excellence.

164 Southwestern University

University where excellence is a virtue..

Where diversity is valued...
A home away from home...
Home of the Cobras...
Home of the paramedical top notchers...
Home of well- known alumni...
Standardization is at the best...

No. 1 foreign school in cebu...

SWU will be the next great and innovative education brand in the Southern Philippines.

"where excellence is a virtue"

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165 Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

Excellent curricular offerings in the field of Agriculture

My alma mater, excellent in agriculture in the Bicol region. -Bjorn Borris

Center of Development in Agriculture and Teachers Education
National Finalist and Bicol Regions Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly School-College Level 2013
Produces Board topnatchers in Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine
Top Performing school in Veterinary Medicine Board Exam (Yearly)

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166 Iloilo Science and Technology University Iloilo Science and Technology University The Iloilo Science and Technology University is a public university located in Iloilo City Philippines. V 1 Comment
167 Lyceum of Alabang - University

Well, taking the lead in imitating Lyceum manila.. Nothing so special in this school

168 Notre Dame University - Cotabato City

It's my Alma Mater.. It improves a lot now and has made several developments- academically and in physical aspects.. The best and high standard university in Cotabato City.

169 Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University


170 World Citi Colleges

This school is awesome

They provide extra ordinary knowledge

171 Catanduanes State University

Catanduanes State University is the best when it comes to Civil Engineering
This school topped the bar exam in engineering

A Green University globally engaged in island research and innovations

The best University, my Alma Matter is now an ISO Certified University in the Philippines, a world class university...!

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172 Meycauayan College
173 Notre Dame of Midsayap College

Dameans are proud to have topnotch in CPA board exam.
We are the First Notre Dame School in Asia

174 Holy Child Colleges of Butuan

Holy Child Colleges Of Butuan is a leading Criminology school in Caraga Region.

HCCB-Criminology! Proud to claim the best Criminolgy School in Caraga Region.

175 Philippine School of Business Administration - Manila
176 Eastern Visayas State University

An excellent school producing competitive Board Topnotchers. It hones the students to be well-rounded individuals. Graduates of this school prove to be very adept and proficient in their work.

Turn on the light if their is the presence of the switch

The best University in the Philippines because of its competent student, faculty and administration! Go EVSUans. :-)

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177 FEATI University

One of the best University up to early 80's producing quality and competent individual in the field of Engineering especially in Electrical and Electronics. This University produced a lot of board topnotcher in engineering and became a professor of other Universities. I think mismanagement was the reason why the quality of education of this University collapsed. Needs re-engineering!

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178 Pangasinan State University

"Marching in one accord, shouting one battlecry, working for a single shared vision - these are the forces which empower Pangasinan State University in building a reputation as an institution at the forefront of academic excellence. " - VCE

" I was graduated at Pangasinan State University with the degree course of Bachelor of Arts in English Langauage. "(2012-2016) My grandfather and grandmother and my Uncle/Auntie are also graduated here.

I love my University..

Magaaral ako nxt year sa PSU

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179 Laguna State Polytechnic University

For me LSPU is one of the best state universities in Luzon. It really provides quality education...It is the home of competitive graduates. Hence, it's enrollment has grown bigger and better, for LSPU is now a global choice!

180 Lorma Colleges

Lorma Colleges, College of Nursing has attained Level III Re-accreditation Status

One of the best school in the North and soon to be known university in the world.

One of the fastest growing educational institution in the Philippines.

Best nursing school. relatively known abroad

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