Polytechnic University of the Philippines


FOR US, being a PUPian is just like a limited opportunity that needs to be grabbed with no doubt otherwise you will loose being part of this university which has a lowest tuition fee in the whole SUC's but yet caters a world class teachings.. we may not have the so called "world class facilities" but still PUP performs to become one of the leading. how amazing to know that PUP belongs to the top 201 universities in the whole asia out of more than 12,500 universities all over our contentinent. it only proves that acheiving educaTION excellence does not only depends on how many money will you going to spent to pay for the tution fee but on how intellectual the students and how commited the university to grow. its really good to know that for so many universities here in our country only 11 universties belongs to the top 201 and one thing that its makes the good news more good is that PUP is one of them... thats why its making me more proud to become a ISKOLAR NG BAYAN because ...more

ISKOLAR NG BAYAN.. THAT is what all the students of PUP are called... PUP, it is simply one of the best that I'd encounter... students here are well competent to not only in this country but also they can compete to different parts of the Philippines... this is a school that is well known for being a topnotcher in the field of ACCOUNTANCY... in the past 100 and over years PUP continue to mold students with a high rank.. infact this university is registered in the guinness book of world record... this school is really determined to do their best to give their students an academic excellence despite of their condition as an economically challenged citizens...


PUP is a melting pot of different ideas, races, cultures and individuals coming from different walks of life having one goal: betterment. We may be tagged as activists but this activism doesn't just stop on rallies, it goes on with every life of students that this institution has been helping through all these years. It may not have the best facilities, it may not be the grandest or the premiere university in the Philippines but what matters most is that it offers and gives the quality of education each student needed plus a low tuition fee which everyone can afford, experiences that can never be found on other universities and it gives students a glimpse of the reality hidden behind the shining gates of other grand universities. PUP is simply the best for it offers truth. No pretension, no lies just mere life.

It's always a privilege in one person, especially student's to be a SCHOLAR. and here, in PUP, as we consider ourselves "Iskolar ng Bayan", we are fortunate enough to be a student of PUP. We may be lacked of "glamorous" facilities, but it is true enough that we are all bright to be one of the student in this competitive school of all times! Mabuhay ang PUP!

though we can't be considered as one of the so-called "rich universities", we are lucky and rich enough to have in our school the best courses, being accredited in higher level of accreditations, considering some of them as International Standard! And as we continually be proud of our school, we will also continuously live the life of what a scholar should be living on. It's not about the money, it's all about the education quality at its best! Go PUP!

PUP students is always the best... I can say that even though students here are all economically challenged they did not let that situation to be their hindrance to acheive their highest standard of learning that they can, along with their economic status... PUP, no doubt, it offers a very high quality of learning that can compete to DLSU, Ateneo, UST, UP and many other prominent universities here in our country. PUP together with their students always assures that thhey are worthy of having a good education despite of their condition.. because they believe that spending too much money is not the way to acheive academic excellence... its the perseverance, dedication and the heart to excel that prevails..

The chairs in the classrooms may not be enought to seat all of the students, the rooms may lack in ventilation, and when its hot, we may smell the bad smell of the Pasig River, but through it all, The students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines survive it, they not only survive it, but live it. day in day out they fight for their chairs, and through the heat of the day, they still manage to fill their heads with knowledge. We go to PUP as children, we leave, as the country's next best work force.

PUP alums always make it big in the industry. What's their secret? They start from low or middle position then strive hard until they reach the top. PUPians are taught to be adaptive and be productive. Hence, PUPians are also taught to be tough and to stand in what they believe is right.

It's not easy to enter PUP especially to stay at PUP because of the strict teaching and the competition amongst students. So if you survive, Congratulations! You are ready to face the world!

The best courses that PUP offers are: Engineering, Accountancy, Broadcasting, Journalism, Political Science, Business and Law.

PUP- Pataasan ng Utak Pababaan ng tuition fee! - iskolarngbayan

University of the Poor?
Downtown University?
Poor school facilities?
We may not have the luxury of life to be able to attend school in those private and high class institutions in the country but we still aim for a better future ahead of us and that's why were very thankful that PUP still cater less fortunate students who have great dreams but was hindered by financial difficulties.

sa PUP hindi uso ang inferiority complex. HUMILITY is our foundation.

I remember some manager ask me of this question during interview... "one of your competitor is graduate from la salle, ateneo, ust and (mentioned another prestigious school). what separates you from this prestigious and outstandingly known universities in the Philippines? " and I said "Actually there is ONLY one big marginal difference between us... and that is the TUITION. our is free! " then the manager goes... "you're hired! "

Every year, graduating students flock the university hoping that they'll pass the PUPCET so they can have a quality education in a cheap price. This university gives hope to those underprivileged people in our country to pursue their education. Even though it has cheap tuition fee, foreigners and even other people with high social status prefer to go for PUP because of its quality education.

PUP--where the bests are common.

. We may called "AKTIBISTA" but for us its not a hindrance to show to the people that were PROUD PUPian..! Its not about how beautiful and clean the facilities are.. Its all about the Quality of the university.. How high the standard is and how hard to be a PUPian.. In PUP.. If you're wasn't able to pass the entrance exam and the interview.. Sorry, but we don't need your money to pay us just to enrolled you in our university unlike to other universities out there.. We have a LIMITED SLOTS in PUP.. Like in the verse BIBLE Matthew22:14.. "MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN" CONGRATULATIONS to all PUPian.! MABUHAY SINTANG PAARALAN.!

We, PUPians, are congenitally ingenious, proficient, and intellectual in different fields of study. Apart from those, most of my co-students come from the wrong side of the tracks. Our university doesn't have state-of-the-art facilities; nevertheless, we are always able to keep pace with other universities. Our impoverished living conditions would not be a hindrance to our dreams and endeavors. Long live SINTANG PAARALAN!

Freshman of AB English.

This one is the best university here in the Philippines. It's not merely because of the fact of having a 12 pesos per unit, which is obviously affordable. But it also yields effective minds. It's a place where one could have a better living in the near future for it provides a quality education. It's indeed true that the facilities here are mostly damaged or even inadequate. But hello! It's a 12 PHP/unit! Lower your expectation. We are just funded by the government because it's a state university. Unfortunately, the budget for education seems pretty low. Oh well. 12/ UNIT STILL EXISTS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. And where could you possibly find it? Only in PUP! ;)

PUP is leading in terms of being industrious and courteous to everyone... Full of beautiful students inside and out.. PUP won the first ever Ms. Tourism University in the Philippines held in UST... Low-tuition... Focuses more on studies not in sports because we believe, other students make use of their sport-thing just to escape their classes and exempt in their exams.. for that, we can say that we are the ISKOLAR NG BAYAN... you can't study in PUP unless you pass their entrance exam unlike in other universities, you can study in their university though you failed to their entrance exam.. with 5,000 pesos.. you can already finish your college.. (n_n)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines is the largest state university in the country today. Our university envision to become a Total University. It has grown to become a chartered university in 1978 from its humble beginning in 1904 and now the leading polytechnic school in the country, PUP is now all over Luzon area with more than 20 campuses. PUP is the leading institution in producing top notch in the board courses examinations. PUP: The Light of the Nation!

Polytechnic University of the Philippines truly embodies the word "polytechnic" as it has a humongous corpus of programs and courses that are of pertinence to both the academe and the wider society. Moreover, its polytechnic aspect is complemented with its affordable education that will cost you P12 per unit, likewise it is not merely affordable but also of high quality.

There's got to be a good reason why PUP always tops board/bar exams, and why it's always elevated in major polls about best universities in the country. Others may look down on this university for its apparent lack of high-end facilities, but this just attests to the truism that defines education not on the basis of its affluent demographic, or its technologically cunning facilities, but on its character and openness to the wider pursuit of knowledge, and without a doubt PUP has that. The university itself is a microcosm of the entire Philippines; Tagalog or non-Tagalog, Anglophone or not, rich or poor, and ...more

One of the advantages of enrolling in a large university is that you get a lot of choices"choices of which campus to apply to, for instance. These days, its not uncommon to see various courses spread out across different university branches.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a prime example of this. Despite the staggering amount of branches it has, the school seems to lean less toward manual registration and more toward online application.

I was eating with my Co-workers once, the topic was how much was their tuition fee back in college, I was kinda embarrassed a bit when they asked me how much was my tuition fee and I said P12/unit. This other guy was like "whe? what school ka? ", I told him "PUP", Then he said ah PUP ka lang...

I was like yeh and we have the same salary!

it's not the money that counts.. it's the learning..
proud to be ISKOLAR NG BAYAN!
PUP stands for..

Utak ang

PUP is always at its best. It breeds highly-competitive individuals despite of government's low budget allocation. PUP has been acknowledged as Center of Excellence in terms of Information Technology and a Center of Development in different fields of Engineering. First in the Philippines, the university is steaming the pot for Railway Engineering and has also developed young leaders and high quality graduates in the fields of Accountancy, Communications, Eduaction and many more.

For me, PUP is the best 'cause its not just a school for money lending. Students make their effort on how to be responsible, and be initiative of what they have. It teaches every individuals on how to fight the various kind of hindrances on their studies; aside from the mere fact that its an affordable ground for learning, it has also this quality of education that can be applicable to our usual way of living. So there.. GO PUP!

It's all here in PUP. You'll see here only in PUP. But this is a very good thing. You know why? Because this institution, they'll simply help us to find out and learn what LIFE is. SAbi nga "Wala sa upuan yan, nasa UMUUPO". In addition, in the near future, it'll not be difficult for you to handle things, to handle life because you know how to control, you know how to move, and you know what you shall do!

Every year, around 50,000 students are taking PUPCET but estimated 8,000 only are catered in PUP Campuses. Polytechnic University of the Philippines caters those who are economically challenged students who deserve quality education. Those who cannot pay for grand, overwhelming facilities like those in high profile universities in the U-Belt. PUP is the home of topnotchers in the field of engineering at accountancy. Its an indication that PUP has been, and always will be the University of intelligent, grounded, and socially aware students. KUDOS PUP!

Being a PUPian is a great opportunity! Polytechnic University of the Philippines offers the lowest tuition fee, and has the best professors who are dedicated and very knowledgeable. Though others may criticize our facilities, it's not about that, but it's about the values and knowledge which you will have for the rest of your life, and good thing, PUP shares these two things to their students. (ABE student)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines may not be one of those universities drooled over by many because 1) it has a reputation of being activism-related, 2) it has no grand facilities whatsoever, and 3) it is the "automatic" haven for those who cannot afford to go to the deemed high-class university. It is, however, 1) the state university that offers the lowest tuition fee which is 2) duly compensated by the well-versed professors, especially in major subjects, 3) and PUP is a university which shows life with all its warts and blemishes -- nude and true. (And we're not activists. We're progressives. Period. )