University of the East


I am from Iran. This University is being endorsed by our Embassy. UE is famous here in Iran. You can call our embassy for verification.

UE tops in many fields.
MEDICINE, Computer Studies, Business and Engineering.

UE is now an AUTONOMOUS University since 2009.
The I. T education became CENTER OF DEVELOPMENT since 2007-present.
TOP Performing school in Dentistry.
Topnotcher in CPA,
UE first to used the OPAC in LIBRARY.
Has the best facilities in Dentistry,
UE uses iMacs I Computer ed. Laboratories.
ISO certified
3rd in Asia's computer schools.

I'm a graduate of Information Technology from UE and I love UE so much. Why? Because just right after my graduation I was hired as a business analyst of an international company with a very high salary. I don't have any work experience that time since I'm a fresh grad. I only have the UE quality IT education.

Because the UE is promoting the best skill and talent of the student and improve their ability to be competitive with others but still be their self and ready to faced the future molding them not to be good person but to be better person who do their best to change the world thinks to us.

RR/3rd yr HRM of UE manila 2010-2011 - ruel9000

The only university where a president of the Philippines became a professor after his term. In 1967 Pres. Macapagal taught at UE under the college of business administration because he believes in the UE quality education. He branded it as the "People's University" and "Melting Pot University of the Philippines"

This is where some of the most influential people came from.

I'd really love university of the east and I think u. e. is one of the most pretigious university in the philippines.. facilities and all the professors are great and they really give the worth learning strategy among students.. I love u. e.

Tuition in UE is not as expensive as the other schools in the Philippines, yet you will get quality education. Don't be deceived by the facade of the building in Recto, it's just the UE Theater and not the whole UE.

UE is again starting to regain its glory with Ester Garcia as president (former CHED commissioner) and Antoineta Ibe as chancellor (former PRC Chairman). An Autonomous University with a lot of center of development and excellence courses.

University of the East is globally competitive academically, in the field of sports, chorale, dance squad and so much more. It may have a poor popularity compared to other universities but it has this rich values than educates every people in all walks of life.

I Love UE. It was one of a kind. Professors are not teaching for money but because they want to mold and prepare students to be the best in their future and in their generation. They are also teaching by heart that's why it was easy for the students to learn. UE is GLOBAL for many foreign students chose to study here. UE is the BEST! )

I think ue is one of the most good schools in the phil.. u. e gives high quality education... not also good in academics but also in sports... u. e always on the top... and very famous school in abroad... and some international student wants to educate their selves in u. e... - fliffangkay

I.T. in UE is one of the best. Enroll online, check your grades online, your account balance online, your assignment and lectures online, your library online, Wi-fi zone campus and a lot more. IT begins in the east..

The students of UE are not so rich compared to other schools, but it's of our advantage because we are taught how to persevere and to never stop dreaming. In UE our eyes are open to the realities of life.

For me, this University is the best. It cares for the welfare of the students. It has a very nice social environment. It sticks to its policies. It has very inspiring professors. It encourages the participation of the students in academic, environmental and cultural matters.

When it comes to IT, UE is the best! Hailed as the most wired establishment in the Philippines and the only academic institution to enter the list. (Source: Computerworld magazine)

UE really deserves to be called the best university because of the following:

Topnotchers in the board exam in the field of librarianship.
Best producer of librarians in the country
Web based library software
Web based enrollment process (easy access)
Escalating number of resources for research in the libraries
Scholarships grants
Affordable tuition fee
Payment process (not compulsory on exams unlike other schools)
Modern computer laboratories
WiFi access anywhere in the campus
Approachable staff anywhere in the campus
Competitive professors (doctoral degree)
University of famous individuals in the society
UE has two graduation rites Mid-Year for October and Year-End for March graduates
Named as "People's University" by Pres. Diosdado Macapagal
Labeled as "One of the Most Wired Universities in the Country" by Computer World Magazine and Enterprise Magazine
Identified as Center of Development in Information Technology Education by ...more

For me, the University of the East deserves to be number one. First, the quality of education is unmatched because of the teaching methods and facilities and the profesors expertise in the subjects as well. And second, UE is not just only approved by students but even the faculty members. They have said that they receive high salary and superb benefits, as much as we do.

Best school for me, because it's a school of excellence, has the best school facilities, very good and professional faculties, the most wired universities in the Philippines and competent people were molded in this University...

Just look at our graduates. WE ARE THE WARRIORS AND WE ARE THE BEST!

University of the East is one of the most competitive schools in the metro. It molded a lot of successful personalities of today time, UE also offers affordable education with the vast modern innovation of technology.

Most of the Graduates of this school are well known in their field of choice, may it be locally or international market.

And it has the biggest number of International Students making it's quality of education very competitive and global for today's age.

UE is the best... The best in terms of quality education, facilities, professors, administration, and of course, the students...

It is the university where professional and highly-educated graduates came from...

The board topnotchers always come from UE. On the previous dentistry licensure exam, we have a 100% passing rate and 4 of the top 10 also came from UE.

, GO UE! I'm very proud that I entered this University... UE was the best engineering school in the Philippines

High standard of teaching, high- tech school facilities, a very nice place to learn... Topnotchers in dentistry, CPA, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine and others are molded in this institution!