University of the Philippines


Bakit UP? Simply because it provides the best quality of education in the country. Being the sole National University in the country, it hones the future leaders of this country in fields of education, politics, sciences, engineering and arts. UP may not have the best facilities but it has the best teachers and best students. And what UP teaches to its students that other Universities do not have is critical thinking. UP students think beyond the box. We don't just go with the flow all the time. We tend not to be passive people and conformers. We go against the current if needed and UP always aim to be part of the solution of our country's problems because if we will not do it, who else will? Only the best, for the best.

University of the Philippines Open University. The premier university for students and professionals who have pure dedication, who are liberated and critical thinkers, and the leaders of today and tomorrow. Because of its innovative programs under distance education mode, UP Open University provides an avenue where career and study can be both balanced and achieved in synergy. Respected industry professionals and practitioners, top educators, renowned politicians, famous filmmakers and people from show business mostly constitute the learners of University of the Philippines Open University.

Other universities create leaders for tomorrow. UPOU is the university of leaders of today and tomorrow.

Anyone with a brain would know that finding out the best university is not a popularity contest. It is not a matter of argument either. It is not something claimed by folks who went to the school, nor their fathers, mothers, siblings or friends. Most unbiased observers and quantifiable metrics would tell you that UP is up there, but Ateneo is closing in overall. International rankings exist, and those two schools would rank highest in the Philippines overall. Other schools are getting better, of course, but they have some catching up to do. The sad fact is, NO Philippine schools would rank in any top 100 universities in the world. So, we all have work to do.

No matter how many other opinions people have on their university being the best, everyone, even foreigners would agree to UP being the best in the Philippines. Simply because it is the NATIONAL university, the PREMIERE university of the Philippines. Other people just take too much pride in their own schools. UP is like a small-scale Philippines. You don't just learn your academics, but you get your street smarts and social skills. You can't argue with that logic.

University of the Philippines - in its own way is getting better - helping the nation by providing graduates with quality and one of a kind education. It is true that more well-off are entering UP because they see it as wisest thing to have in life :) We didn't just get the connection, we work hard for it and we have greater pressure when dealing with the tasks given to us

UP is a school for the brainies! If you study here, you are always and will ever be considered smart. UP is not really a school for the less-fortunate because a lot of graduates from Ateneo and others pursue their college in the best of the best which is UP. A lot of people in UP come from well-off families.

UP is the BEST!
2010 rank by US top university
TOP University in ASIA
62nd UP
65th ADMU
104th UST
107th DLSU
201th PUP

Simply the best, in any field of study. Only the most diligent students are accepted and considered. Staying in the University to earn a degree is even tougher. UP Students are expected to perform at their best at all times. "Likas man na may angas, likas din ang pagiging Mkabayan. "

AS THE ONLY national university in the country, the University of the Philippines System takes pride in being the pioneer in higher education through academic excellence, outstanding research, public service, and modernized facilities.

UP is simply the best. The school doesn't just teach us lessons bounded by the four walls of the classroom, rather, it teaches us on how to be independent, on how to strive, on how to make ways. Studying in UP is just the same way as studying to be versatile.

Well, UP is UP.

Thousands and thousands of students are dying just to get in this prestigious university. Students graduating at the top of their whole batch are always doing their very best to pass UPCAT yet not all of them are accepted. If anyone were to ask an Iska Ng/Para Sa Bayan "Why UP? " the answer would simply be "Because it's UP".

As a proud alumni of this academic institution, I really had a hard time studying and learning. However, my hardships paid off and now I am teaching in a prestigious school in the design and arts here in Manila. I owe it to U. P. Diliman. UP is UP.

38 National Scientists, 34 National Artists, 13 Chief Justices, 7 Philippine Presidents, has the most National Centers of Excellence and Development, consistently ranked as a top ASEAN university, is the only national university decreed by law and has a reputation for having a ridiculously challenging admission test with only about 16% passing rate. I could go on and on, but is it really that hard to see that UP is the best? There would only be debates on what school would be second best, but UP is undoubtedly the first.

Simply the best!
UPD's arts and humanities, social sciencea
UPLB's hard sciences
UPM's medical courses

In my own time in UP, almost 10/10 of the teachers know what they teach and at least more than 50% knows how to teach and have passion to teach. Compared to DLSU where I tried to have my private school experience in post grad, DLSU is way down low. It doesn't mean that there are no great teachers there. I just mean that it's just a matter of small chance to have one - a bright and dedicated one suited to teaching. Yes, it might have better facilities but it cannot equate the training that UP can offer. UP is the best. I am a proud graduate of UPLB.

Is it possible to change from one university to university of Philippines within the same Philippines. My son is in 2nd year in one of the university in the Philippines and I want him to change over to university of Philippines. He is studying Electrical engineering.

There are only two universities in the Philippines: UP and the "others"

The best students, workers, and businessmen comes from nowhere else, but UP. It's simply the best. It teaches you not only in academics, but even good morals. They teach you how to be independent and discipline. And studying in a school like this would be really cool.

UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. From the name itself, we are the student of the nation and for the nation. We're simply the best among the rest and only the best professors are in this university.
We have academic freedom that no other school have. To cut this comment short. We are simply the best and we have nothing but the best

A university whose name is the same as its nation. It has to be the best to show that its namesake is the best. UP is recognized by everyone in the both officially (Senate Resolutions and Republic Acts that made it THE national university) and by an overwhelming majority in the country. Most movers of the Philippines are UP graduates.

Every University have their best course, ateneo is one of the best if we talk about law, If you want to get Interior design or architecture you go to UST. UP is also great in law courses and other courses and as well as la salle... Student should choose the school who can enhance their skills and they should prefer the universities that have a great background in their chosen courses...

I am a Mapuan, but only became a Mapuan because I didn't pass the entrance exam. Even though Mapua is a good school, it surely has declined since the implementation of the quarter system. UP for me is the best school simply because it hasn't changed a bit, in terms of its quality of education.

If you want to be one of the best, you have to study in the best school, and I mean the best. And that's why one should go to UP. UP offers the best quality education in the Philippines. UP does not only teach you academics but it also shows you the ropes in life. So be smart and go to UP! Go Fighting Maroons!

This is the best University for it offers high quality education for students... This school doesn't confine its student learning's in just a corners of the room... Mostly, it pushes its student to be aware not only in academic matters but also in Public relations and society...

The pioneer and still the leader in education, research and nation building. UP Alumni has been in the forefront of shaping the minds of the countries future leaders.