University of Sto. Tomas


That's true. Because UST is the most prestigious Medical School in the country!

UST has been there for four hundred years. She's been there to mold young minds into productive citizens of our country. And more importantly, she has been there standing as a witness to our nation's colorful history. Pioneered the education systems, withstood wars and now still standing tall as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. G-O! The Pontifical, Royal, and THE Catholic University of the Philippines!

UST is number one among all of the universities. The president of University of the Philippines is a Thomasian, as well as the president of the University of Asia and the Pacific. Furthermore, the premiere catholic universities in the Philippines like De La Salle, Ateneo Blue Bubble and Santo Beda derived their authorities from UST because UST is a Pontifical University. The official catholic university recognized by the Vatican.

Aside from having intelligent students, the students in UST have etiquette, proper personality and social graces. Just by riding the LRT, you could see the big difference in personality of the students. I would also like to commend schools like San Beda, CEU, UE and LaConsolacion for having the same type of students. Students riding the train coming from Pureza and Vmapa stations are so noisy and untidy.

THE OLDEST EXISTING UNIVERSITY IN ASIA AND THE LARGEST CATHOLIC IN THE WORLD. University of Santo Tomas is Philippines' Third Most premiere university and is committed to the development of the Finest Breed of Filipinos academically and in mores. Guided with it's century old traditions, UST continues to stand out and shine amongst universities.


Internet voting is not an accurate and precise way of determining the quality of a university. And I can say that the "Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines", is still the best institution for medical courses.

beautiful and safe park like campus; impressive buildings (especially the Main Building which looks like those you see in Europe); great teachers; very intelligent hard working students with good moral values

UST has the best ENGINEERING school in the Philippines. We are given quality education suited for engineers.. PROUD TO BE A THOMASIAN ENGINEERING STUDENT!

Let us not forget that before all these universities in the list, there's already a University of Santo Tomas. The founders, professors of other universities were thomasians.. also, way back in the Spanish era, all the universities are under the supervision of UST. UST, historically speaking is the best.. - jerhmiroku

UST is one of the best, the Pontifical and Royal University in the Philippines. The best school for Medicine or any medical related course and also the center for excellence in Science.

Non-Elitist School but has committed compassionate competent students, can excel in different field of studies especially nursing, accounting, architecture, and engineering. God Bless

Because many students here is being so intelligent and so mentally thinking, many students also like to study here because the teachers made them bright. and teaches well. that's why I vote UST.

UST really one of the best. It does not need a hard entrance exam to prove that the University is the best school. Topping board/bar exams are the best proof.

I believe that this institution is very much capable of shaping the youth with its Christian principles. Also, the discipline of the students in studying is very much commendable.

UST is like a big melting pot of various students from various places and various social status. Wherein, one is developed and honed in social terms and educational as well.

Not only academics, but also in molding the morality of an individual. University of Santo Tomas taught more than thousands of students, molded and updated them in global and national issues. A molder of faith and leaders for four hundred years of exemplary excellence and existence. Go USTe!

My relatives for 3 generations have been going here and my dad made sure no matter what I am going here! It is the best university and it has morals!

The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of Asia. For me it is really the best, I don't know why it is ranked as top 4. It's one of the pretigous University here in the Philippines. The oldest Catholic University. It provides good quality education and has a high standards. Many successful people came from UST. I am a proud Thomasian! Tiger by blood, heart and mind! A place of learning, excellence and living!

Want to be a Royal Blood?! If yes, then be in University of Santo Tomas, the Royal and Pontifical University of the Philippines! And wait there's more, aside from having quality education, you will also enjoy all the activities happening only at UST such as the prominent "PASKUHAN"...

It's been my dream school and it gave me the best quality education and good values! I'm proud to be part of this institution

One of the Big Four (UP, La Salle and Ateneo) when it comes to best of the best schools not only in the Philippines but outside the country as well.

UST, home of Philippine Presidents, Chief Justices, Senators and other notable people who greatly contributed in our society.

If it's not based on voting but school performance I know UST would be in the top 4 together with UP, ADMU and DLSU. Go USTe! Funny ranking though.

It offers not only great academic education but also gives education of good values and character to their students.

UST gives the best Pharmaceutical Education amongst any other universities in the country! Best Medical School!