Best Universities In the UK

The Top Ten

1 University of Cambridge

As a current student here, I find both the academic and vocational aspects of this university fantastic.

2 University of Oxford
3 Imperial College

Imperial is amazing; in my opinion, it should be higher than Oxford and Cambridge! I love how it's entirely focused on science, engineering and medicine. No pointless degrees are offered here (sorry art and social science students! )

4 Durham University
5 London School of Economics
6 University of Edinburgh
7 University of St. Andrews
8 UCL (University College London)
9 University of Warwick
10 Lancaster University

The Contenders

11 Loughborough University
12 LBS (London Business School)
13 Cranfield University
14 University of Bristol
15 University of Brighton
16 University of Manchester
17 University of Surrey
18 Newcastle University
19 Southampton University
20 Cardiff University
21 University of Birmingham
22 Keele University
23 University of Leeds

That's also where the legendary rock band The Who recorded one of the best live albums of all time!

24 University of Glasgow
25 University of Exeter
26 University of Stirling
27 University of Leicester
28 University of York
29 University of Kent
30 Newman University

Very good and helps you achieve

31 Coventry University
32 Birmingham City University
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