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ProPanda Should One Get A College Education?

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.” These are the wise words of Chanakya. Many people think about going to college as a waste of time and money, but in the end, the good features outweigh the bad ones. College can get you a better lifestyle, more money, and will give you more life skills, personally and academically. Some people might think however that some jobs might allow employment with no college degree and that is fully recognizable.The real point to consider, however is that a degree holder working at the same job would make more money.

First, college gives one the opportunity to get a better education. According to the article, “The Importance of College After High School”, “... college provides you with the opportunity to educate yourself further.” Now you will be able to develop more knowledge. One will be able to educate himself further and learn more personal skills. You can become a professional in your chosen field (TIOCAHS). If let’s say somebody took a course in high school that they really liked, but didn't get to take lots of it and you want to learn more. With, college they would be able to do just that easily. They would also be given access to great teachers. They will get more knowledge and have more background to learn. One will be more successful with college.

Secondly, a college graduate has a better lifestyle than one who has only graduated from high school. They would grow more as a person. College “... teaches you invaluable lessons outside of the classroom”(TIOCAHS) as well. With these invaluable lessons, you can ensure yourself a good plavce in the world. You would be able to pass your nice life down to future generation. According to How Important…, “college graduates are more likely to have children who also complete a college education”. If your kids also go to college, when you retire, you can depend on your children and get help to still enjoy life without any worries.

An additional reason for college education being important is that you make more money. You get lots of payment from getting a college degree compared to a high school degree. “Those who held a bachelor's degrees were expected to earn a 40- year lifetime salary of about 1.4 Million. On average those who held master's degree earned $2.8 million. Holders of professional degrees could expect lifetime earnings in excess of $4 MILLION” (HIACE). You can easily see that college graduates get more money than high school graduates. “... factories and manufacturers were once at the center of the job market, the trend is now switching to jobs in other sectors that require more skill sets” (TIOCEAHS). So, the better jobs for the future and present, will require more skill, meaning you would get more money with a college degree.

Lastly, that some will argue that you can still land a job without having a college degree, but as mentioned earlier having a college degree gives you more money. “Of the 47 million American jobs expected to be created between now and 2018, about two-thirds expected to will require some sort of education beyond high school”. This means you have a lesser chance of getting your job with just a high school degree. You would also get a better public status with the people around you and your employer by having a degree along with a better personality. There are only some jobs you can get without a degree, but with one you can get all of them. In The Importance…, it says that “earning a college degree opens up more avenues than having just a high school diploma does”. Thus, college is an important aspect to one regardless of how much you can get without a degree.
Now is the time to stand up! Now is the time to rise! Now is the time to control your life and go to college! This is because of better benefits and lifestyle, as well as an education. So when you are making a decision on whether you should go to college or not, say YES!

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