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21 American International University, Bangladesh

Please vote for our respective university

Though this university sucks the biggest time but still I am voting for this ;-)

Where Leaders are created

Great and best university

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22 Chittagong University

One of the beautiful university in the world

One of most beautiful university of the world, adorned with a lot of natural beauties, from forest to mountains, spring and what not. Birth place of many of the talents of Bangladesh, whose work benefited the world, and also the former workplace of Prof. Dr. Muhammed Yunus, the dreamer of poverty museum. The C. you shuttle is the world's only university train.

One of the best natural beautiful university in the world

This is the best of the bests...

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23 North South University
24 Independent University, Bangladesh

Best Private University in Bangladesh.. Best in School of Business... Award Winning Business School in Bangladesh.

The second government approved private university & one of the leading university in Bangladesh

Everything is best and state of art here. Who comes fall in love simply true.

Best faculty and environment... In short best university...

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25 Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology commonly referred to as CUET, located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is renowned as one of the public engineering universities in Bangladesh.

One of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh. Every year it produces many talented students. It's a green valley of science, knowledge, technology, competition and amusement.

One of the best universities in Bangladesh

One of the famous university of Bangladesh

26 International Islamic University, Chittagong
27 University of Dhaka University of Dhaka

Nothing to say, but I am proud of my University

It was my dream. Now I am here. I feel very proud to be a student of DU.

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28 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

One of the best private universities in Bangladesh

This is the best Private university in Bangladesh

Best... Best... Best... Private university in Bangladesh

29 East West University, Dhaka

The students, teachers and other stuffs are like family here. We all take good care of our family, protect them and learn new things from one another.

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30 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.

The products come out from BUET are the best in the world... There is no doubt in it.. But the cause of the political imbalance of our country BUET always don't get so much attention from foreign counties..

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31 London School of Economics and Political Science  
32 Jahangirnagar University Jahangirnagar University

Okay the list is quite ridiculous, but whether you are a student or not you cannot deny this university's culture and natural beauty, the campus is just awesome!

Its a great university with full accommodation facilities along with a nice natural beauty.

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33 University of Indonesia
34 New York University
35 IIT, Bombay

Guys.. You don't even know what is IIT.. It is the best University in the world as it is very new one that is the reason why it is not so famous.. But if you ask Indian students what is IIT they will say please don't question about my fear.

Please, it should be in top 3, just type iit question paper on Google and try to solve it, you would understand the difficulty level for just admission in it.

How are these Islamic Bangladeshi UVs which don't even deserve to be on top on this list can be?

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36 National University of Singapore

NUS offers a diverse options for choices of fields from air and space to research.

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37 Paris-Sorbonne University

Think of the people who went here for example Marie curie. This school is the best college in France and should definitely be in the top 15 school wise.

Number one of ten

38 Ohio State University
39 Imperial College London
40 Bocconi University

The best university in Italy and one of the most famous worldwide in the economic and scientific field!

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