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41 University of Helsinki
42 University of Pennsylvania

Leading in many fields.

43 Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Nice university, nice location.. Best for modern agriculture

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44 King's College London
45 Catholic University of Milan
46 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

In no time, it will be one of the best Universities in the world. As a University of Science & Technology, we are improving & invented new things.

The most innovative minds are studying thus working here to lead the world in near future, for must.

47 University of California
48 Rajshahi University

Rapid publication prove that it contributing well in the field of reaearch

49 BGC Trust University Bangladesh

This is the most leading university in Chittagong.

50 New Era University

New Era University ;school of anchovies; add new course for College of Engineering and laws ;Legal Engineers for Agriculture and deleted Bachelor of Science n Electronic and Communication Engineering.Legal Engineers for Agriculture have ample of jobs n UN jobs and can avail scholarship n Department of Agriculture of the Philippines.

New Era University was seated on the General Assembly ;now a representatives of the government n the United Nations!.

New Era University are hopes of our country ;Philippines.New Era University run the government of the Republic of the Philippines and representatives n United Nations ;someday international courts of justices ;UN Ombudsman ;UN secretary General s seat by one of the graduates of New Era University come from College of Laws.Anchovies laws!.

New Era University;school of anchovies;Model of United Nations ( with curse); College of Law ( with curse ). College of Law of New Era University were gave all Engineering job employments ( into ts stored data) to Technological institute of the Philippines; University of the EAST ; UPHD etc. to any Universities interested; that was culprit by Mnster of glesa N Crsto ( Human) and gave to Mapua institute of Technology.New Era University was the owner of all Engineering job employments ;because New Era University was have placed n Supreme Court of Justices( PM of Justice Serafn Cuevas) ex. De LaSalle University( PM of Justice Corona). All lech were not interested no more for Engineering job employments and they focus there attention n UN Jobs; and all Engineering job employments were discharge by College of Law to whom interested.

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51 BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology
52 Bangladesh University of Textiles Bangladesh University of Textiles The Bangladesh University of Textiles or BUTEX, informally known as Textile Engineering University, is the first-ever and only public university in Bangladesh specializing in Textile Engineering.

Best university for textile in south Asia

The best Textile College in Bangladesh

53 Premier University, Chittagong

As a private university of Bangladesh, its too reputed. Most of the students of chittagong era within bd are trying to complete their graduation or post graduation degree from here. So best wishes for this...

54 Noakhali Science & Technology University
55 University of South Asia, Bangladesh

Nothing to say. People will understand.

56 IIT, Delhi

If you want to study computer science, nothing better than IITD.

57 University of the Philippines
58 University of Lugano
59 University of Milan
60 Osaka University
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