Best Uriah Heep Songs

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1 July Morning July Morning

One of the best songs ever made. Uriah Heep is a really underrated band. They have so many great songs and July Morning is their best for sure.

This needs to be higher. Absent are several others like The Park, I'll Keep Trying, Blind Eye, Magician's b-day... Add them people, add them.

What is JM so low? It's definitely their best and the most beautiful

2 Look at Yourself Look at Yourself
3 Easy Livin' Easy Livin'

It was one of their biggest hits and it is hard rocking, but still melodic.. nice song!

4 Gypsy Gypsy V 1 Comment
5 Lady in Black Lady in Black

What a song.. !
Takes your mind to some far off place..
One of the best music in any song I've heard..
Great lyrics
Overall an awesome song

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6 Sympathy Sympathy
7 Bird of Prey Bird of Prey
8 Free Me Free Me

The best song, song of my childhood

9 Salisbury Salisbury
10 The Wizard The Wizard

This list is of their older stuff which I grew up on. This group is underrated and their lyrics are equal to any out there. This song in it's entirety is indicative of what they do.

This song have one of the most beautiful acoustic rock intros. - SteveCooling

The Contenders

11 High Priestess High Priestess
12 I'll Keep On Trying I'll Keep On Trying
13 Circle of Hands Circle of Hands
14 Paradise / The Spell Paradise / The Spell
15 Come Back to Me Come Back to Me
16 Stealin' Stealin'
17 Sunrise Sunrise
18 Sweet Lorraine Sweet Lorraine
19 Return to Fantasy Return to Fantasy

Their best song in my opinion. Beautiful melodies and nice lyrics.

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20 The Park The Park
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