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1 Jet and Cord

They were pretty much the best all-around team. They work together really well, they're super efficient, and they were super friendly too. The only time they ever really got unfriendly was when Jordan skipped them in line at the airport in Shanghai, and they still managed to keep their cool. When they got 2nd to Dan and Jordan, I'm pretty sure my heart broke for a little bit. Then when they came back for Unfinished Business, I thought they had it in the bag. Even when they came in last on the first leg, we all knew they'd be able to catch back up (we all saw them go from last to first with a Speed Bump in season 16). But when they got eliminated, I pretty much gave up on that season. I understand the Globetrotters U-Turning them because it's a crucial part of the game and the cowboys were an amazing team, but I wanted to punch Flight and Easy in the faces. Anyway, I hope Jet and Cord realize they are still the best team The Amazing Race has ever seen and maybe if Amazing Race decides ...more

My favorite team of all time. I
Personally think they are the strongest team of all time. They worked together A-Maze-Ingly. I was so sad that they didn’t win season 16. Then they were back for season 18. Scared that they might be the first ones eliminated, but still had faith. I was mad that they got u turned. And finally they were back for season 24. They won 1st and got the express pass. But got u turned again. I hope, and I think everyone else hopes, that they come back to race another season.

Easily my favorite TAR team, and one of the strongest ever. I loved how they were always calm and collected, did their thing and stayed out of the fracas. I was so disappointed when they lost.

Just rewatched TAR 18 and 24 All stars.. I think it was really unfair for the Uturns to come just before the pitstops if it was detour then roadblock like in other seasons we all know our cowboys would have survived... Love them to bits

2 Dustin and Kandice

Great racers. Made smart decisions by not aligning themselves with anyone else (particularly on a season like TAR10 where an otherwise smart team raced like idiots by aligning themselves with two mediocre teams).

One of the strongest female teams ever on the show, almost won All Stars and always showed that they could beat the men if they wanted to.

The best all female team to ever compete, though they did not win, they won our hearts. Cute and strong.

They are Beauty Queens who did very well. I'm impressed. They are my favorites. Ever on the show

3 Brook and Claire

So fun to watch these two! How they stay positive on all tasks, even water melon hit, after fight.. they are just good! And FUN Want to see them come back again!

The only team that made me laugh more was Keving and Drew from season one. I feel like they shouldl've won. They were the only team to ever get u-turned and not get eliminated.

I love them so much and their upbeat attitude and positive look is super great! They need to come back!

These girls were just a pleasure to watch... They were funny and great competitors

4 Bopper and Mark

You know, if they make another unfinished buisness, they should put bopper and mark. After bopper's pancreas issue, the money for their sick daughter, and their upbeat additude that makes you want them to win. I swear if they don't come back, I will find you producers, and kill you

Funny, with a good reason to need the million, and got along well with most of the teams. I disliked the replacement of Bopper with Mallory in All-Stars, though

This team is what The Amazing Race is all about. They were a couple of ordinary guys but won our hearts over by their commitment.

All around amazing team. They were always positive and also did pretty well. I wish they came back for allstars though.

5 Nat and Kat

Classy yet competitive. Treated everyone with kindness and respect. Proof that strong women don't have to be mean to get ahead.

Super positive and supportive of each other. Best ambassadors for US travelers - very respectful, polite and a joy to watch!

First all female wining team, and winners of a bunch of legs while overcoming many obstacles (I.e. Diabetes, vegetarianism, fear of heights... )

Go kat! Both on survivor and amazing race (two, different people. )

6 Adam and Bethany

I really loved their relationship and how they communicated with each other. and Bethany was amazing for what she was able to do

Those two were AMAZING I definitely wish they would of won. One arm and Bethany could swim, run, and climb faster than anyone else! Also Adam was really nice and you could tell how much he loved Bethany.

These two are by far my favorite team that has EVER competed on this race. Through her tragedy, they both still always thought positive and kept on pushing through. Even though they didn't win, I'm still happy they are doing great. Bethany's even pregnant now!

I think they are a match made in heaven. Bethany was the sweetheart of the season and she dominated most of the tasks. It was definitely a great team to watch and it was one of the saddest moments when they finished in 3rd I thought they deserved the win more than anybody there

7 Margie and Luke

I have seen good communication in the first 13 seasons, but Margie and Luke had the best communication of any team out there. They are to me the second best parent/child team, behind Dave and Connor

Even when deaf, Luke still has better communication than most teams.

By far my absolute favorite team! The love between these 2 is Amazing! Best communication. I cried every time they didn’t win

Margie and luke are hands down the best team to ever play because they went through deaf situations and.overcame them

8 Gary and Mallory

When they smile I smile and when they cry I cry

Mal is so funny! Wish they had won 18

These guys should be higher

Mallory was the best

9 Nick and Starr

They were the epitome of the perfect team. They were consistent, efficient, strong, clever, got along phenomenally, resilient, and they were the jack of all trades and master of all.

They worked great together! We're consistent almost the whole race and came out with what they deserved... They won! Winning 7/11 legs including the final leg.

The ideal winning team I like to see on TAR. They got along well, had several consistent finishes, and pushed through every obstacle.

Local Catholic school used them as an example of how siblings should get along.

10 Tim and Marie

Why are they on the list. I've seen season 23 and I'm sure they got into a fight between all 11 teams including themselves

For Tim, I liked him and he was a great guy but Marie was annoying, controlling, and pathetic

I love this team so much yes they fight and bicker all the time but they always seem to get to the end yes so I just love them so much and I love Maria she's like one of the most funny angry alpha characters I will tell m I love this team so much yes they fight and bicker all the time but they always seem to get to the end yes so I just love them so much and I love Marie she's like one of the most funny angry alpha characters I've seen in The amazing race and Tim is more like a calmer guy but he sure is funny watch the introduction video on YouTube very funny

I didn't really like how she used the express pass, but I LOVED HER REACTION DURING THE SNAKE EATING #IDontKnowHowToBoilEggs

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11 Becca and Floyd

This team is by far one of the most hardworking, dedicated and fun teams on the amazing race. Their optimism brought them all the way to 5th place on both S29 and S31. The reason that they were featured on S31 is that they were the most wonderful, amazing teams on the amazing race. I really, truly wanted Becca and Floyd to win S29 and S31, but small, though crucial mistakes can bring you down. Hopefully, they get featured on the amazing race one or more times in the near future. They were a FUNSTOPPABLE and unforgettable team. Their dedication, persistence, and perseverance made them one of the strongest teams on TARS31 and TARS29. Team Fun never threatened another team. For them to be u-turned by a team was a strategical yet horrible decision, because they were a great team. Becca's climbing and Floyd's drumming brought them far in every circumstance. Funstoppable!

Firstly, Becca and Floyd are my favority team on the Amazing Race. They never failed to make veiewers smile or laugh, and their optimism really brought them far in the race. The were elimated due to the smallest of things, but they came very, very far in both S29 and S31. They were an extremely strong team, delivering two leg wins each in S29 and S31. They truly were the funstoppable team. I really, reall,y wanted them to win the seasons 31 and 29. Theyh first met at the starting line on S29, and to get far in both seasons only used to being strangers (they were friends in S31) is a great feat to accomplish. Even though there demise in S31 was from a u-turn, they pushed through until the end. Even when they eliminated they were still the happiest team. #TeamFun!

They are the best most wonderful teams in the amazing race. They persevered, and managed to finish leg ten. They should have won both TAR 29 and TAR 31. All the other teams are so competitive and mean. But Becca and Floyd are the best team by far.

They were the best. How the hell are they 12th? Floyd pushed through his exhaustion, they won like 2 or 3 legs, and were basically always happy!

12 Jaime and Cara

I actually enjoyed this team and I wanted them to win in season 14 but they didn't and when they came back they got in 9th place witch wasn't cool

Spicy, determined and entertaining! They aren't the strongest team but it didn't stop them from almost winning the race. The race needs more racers like them!

Jaime and Cara were the true underdogs for their time not coming in first yet placing second in Season 14!

amazing at everything

13 Flight Time and Big Easy

These guys should be higher, they're good racers considering I believe they got second in Unfinished Business and they always bring entertainment.

They should be at least # 3 or higher because 31 legs of amazing race is hard to get through

Made the show entertaining but was also good at the race

What?! 29 these guys deserve better.

14 B.J. and Tyler

Funny to watch and they had the most fun. They took life as it came and took the opportunity to enjoy the experience. You could tell Jeff enjoyed them too by the way he grinned every time they showed up

Best team ever, they were so nice and enjoyed everything. And then and the frat boys dominated the whole season.

They were truly the best team ever with a fun loving spirit and contagious energy.

Best team in existence, one of the only times my favorite team has won. Best of Season 9.

15 Charla and Mirna

Definitely a very charismatic team who worked harder and smarter than a lot of teams. They are responsible for most of my most memorable moments on TAR

The most fun team! The sausage eating detour from all stars season still makes me laugh!

They'd probably win the reward if the most spiciest team to run the race

They were my favorite the had disadvantage and still kicking ass

16 Rob and Amber

They dominated on survivor and the amazing race. Not only the best TAR team, but the best reality T.V. contestants ever!

Can't stand Rob, and Amber was a bit of a wet blanket, but they're one of the ten best teams in TAR history.

I'm still waiting for the day they go on Big Brother...

They were great to watch!

17 Joey and Meghan

Joey and Meghan are one of the most positive looking teams on the Amazing Race ever. Every time the do a task, they always look at the positive side of things and they always have faith and are one of the funniest teams ever on the race.

I love these two! Season 24 was horrible, and they should've lasted much longer. Oh well, at least they ran 13 legs. Definitely a fun loving, positive, and competitive team.

Always positive, and the first team I recognized before watching the show. Best of 22, 4th of 24.

So positive even when everyone was against them.

18 Andy and Tommy

I don't know how they didn't get the call back for all stars

These guys ruled the race and they were fun to watch!

Definitely should have been in the final three

Not even sure how they are this low on the list

19 Leo and Jamal

Obnoxious (at least in their first season), but they get points for wresting the "most legs run" title from Rachel, and they were strong in all three of their seasons.

Obnoxious at first but funny and competitive. They definitely looked better character wise on their second appearance

"You've killed my brother! " Lol, that challenge in Rome was funny. In comedy, you're team number 1 in my books

The most entertaining and hilarious team so far. Definitely should have been in the top three.

20 Meghan and Cheyne

These two are probably my favorite couple to ever compete on the amazing race. They were super sweet and funny and remained positive for the whole race. Plus they had great teamwork and rarely got mad at eachother. Not to mention being both athletic and smart.

Unstoppable competitors!

21 Jason and Amy

Jason and Amy won second on six of their legs, and won first place twice, showing that they were a consistent team. Also, they were very nice to the other teams, especially their allies Nicole and Travis. They are very deserving TAR winners.

22 Vanessa and Ralph
23 Dave and Connor

I just have to say this, Dave and Connor won two legs on Season 22 with a crutch. So just imagine how they would have been without crutches, they would have dominated the race. But in Season 24, that thought became a reality as they did dominate All-Stars despite having the Cowboys and the Globetrotters in the race. Their withdrawal of the race is tied for the most devastating exit on the race with Zev and Justin.

Give them a little more credit. They're both cancer survivors, they won two legs with Dave on one leg, and continued to dominate their second season. One of the greatest winners.

The First Father and son team to win!
The oldest and youngest to win!
Two Cancer survivors!
Last the biggest Turn around in amazing race history!

Don't really like them, but 8 legs won in less than a season and a half speaks for itself.

24 Jaymes and James

They were so much fun and had great attitudes. even though they had a rocky start they deserved to win over the Beekman boys. I am glad that they won the cars though.

Should've won season 21. They got jipped out of the million dollars. Definitely should have been theirs.

Definitely they'd get a tie for the most positive award with Joey and Meghan but they did better overall

they were just so fun

25 Ernie and Cindy
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