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21 Kris and Jon

Kris and Jon were definitely the shining stars of the worst season of the amazing race ever.

One of the most friendly and cohesive teams to ever run the race.

They were consistently dominent and played the game with a postive attitude and a great spirit for sure.

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22 Flight Time and Big Easy

These guys should be higher, they're good racers considering I believe they got second in Unfinished Business and they always bring entertainment.

They should be at least # 3 or higher because 31 legs of amazing race is hard to get through

Made the show entertaining but was also good at the race

What?! 29 these guys deserve better.

23 B.J. and Tyler

They were truly the best team ever with a fun loving spirit and contagious energy.

They had a fun time rather then yelling at each other it was just more fun to watch.

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24 Becca and Floyd

I love these guys! They're so positive and hard-working. - naFrovivuS

Theresa are really funny

They Haf to win


25 Mark and Bopper
26 Andy and Tommy

Rock, Paper, Scissors before Roadblocks

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27 Meghan and Cheyne

These two are probably my favorite couple to ever compete on the amazing race. They were super sweet and funny and remained positive for the whole race. Plus they had great teamwork and rarely got mad at eachother. Not to mention being both athletic and smart.

28 Leo and Jamal

The most entertaining and hilarious team so far. Definitely should have been in the top three.

Surviving 3 you turns is odds on amazing and they should've made the finals twice

"You've killed my brother! " Lol, that challenge in Rome was funny. In comedy, you're team number 1 in my books

best team

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29 Linda and Karen
30 Uchenna and Joyce

Uchenna and Joyce were my favorite team along with Ken and Gerard and Bethany and Dirk. These two people are great compassionate people who I rooted for right from the start. I'm so happy they won and hope everything works out for them. Best of luck to them and the other two teams.

Really surprised they aren't higher up. They were the definition of a team. They weren't nasty or crude. Good clean race, helped others and still won. It was also the best win on Amazing Race history.

31 Jason and Amy
32 Toni and Dallas

I don't really like them, not because they weren't good, but I LOVE MARGIE AND LUKE and people were always saying that because they lost the passports they should have been on all stars

33 Vanessa and Ralph
34 Ernie and Cindy
35 Rachel and Dave

These two proved that dogged determination and single minded pursuit to be better at every task is the key to success. Yes, they bickered...normal for any couple but their bickering only served as fuel to do the best they can instead of slowing them down. Opposite personalities that work together for the same common goal.

More wins than any other team ever on Amazing Race. Dave's attention to detail and military precision in approaching each task coupled with Rachel's enthusiasm and "can do" attitude in anything put in their way is what made this team formidable.

Although having the dramatic fights necessary for an in-love team, they set the record with 8 first place finishes, including the final leg.

36 Pamela and Winnie

Even though they got lost in like every episode they were a funny and strong team that never gave up

37 Tara and Wil

The won lots of leg and were amazing competitors

38 Natalie and Nadiya

Most annoying contestants ever

Personally, I knew they would be first eliminated. But on survivor, even though Nadiya was first gone, Natalie pushed on! Come on Natalie win for Nadiya! #TeamNatalie.

The Twinnies were actually really annoying. - Turkeyasylum

Who the heck put twinnies here?!

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39 Kynt and Vyxsin
40 Rob and Brennan

Never fought once and played completely fair. Deserve more credit

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