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81 Joe and Bill

Great ideas, they just got too stingy at the final five in Thailand and lost. The game because of that

82 Nicolas and Donald

Grandpa that is 68 years old and Grandson make it into the final three in season 12

83 Ronald and Christina
84 Bates and Anthony

I do really like them. I wish that Dave + Connor won that season, though. - brendandog2003

85 John and Jessica

Getting voted off with an express pass is almost as stupid as giving up individual immunity on survivor

Well, John was the actual idiot in the first race, but they got smarter

Idiots who could not use an express pass

86 Ray and Yolanda
87 Tian and Jaree
88 Reichen and Chip
89 Brian and Ericka

Yeah, she was abrasive, but Brian was so nice and likable that it more than made up for that.

90 Ken and Tina

It was so likable when they managed to rekindle their marriage during the race.

91 David and Mary
92 James and Abba V 1 Comment
93 Mike and Rochelle V 1 Comment
94 Jelani and Jenny

I really really liked them they got like 2nd they did really good I thought they were cool.

95 Darius and Cameron
96 Fred and Joe V 1 Comment
97 Shelley and Nici

Super entertaining and one of the strongest parent & child -teams the race has seen. If it wasn't for self-driving, they could have made much further than 7th!

98 Jon and Al

Some of the funniest contestants and were the nicest group. I honestly wish the time penalty was longer so they could've gone through over Riechen and Chip. Oh well, they seemed satisfied with their performance - FallenApostle

99 Chris and Alex
100 Gaghan Family
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