Best Use of a Song in a Movie Soundtrack

Unlike the other list of "Best Use of a Song in a Movie", this list includes songs that were not a part of the plot. This means that the characters in the movie did not interact with the song in any way.

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21 The Rain, The Park and Other Things - Dumb and Dumber

Played in the background while Lloyd is daydreaming about being with Mary Swanson

22 Let Go- Garden State

The perfect ending to a wildly emotional film

23 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Pulp Fiction
24 Fortunate Son - Forrest Gump
25 Perfect Day - Trainspotting

The best scene in one of the greatest movies ever. - Ekolod

Deserves to be much higher.

26 Bittersweet Symphony - Cruel Intentions

omg if you haven't watched the movie and scene this goes to then you haven't lived

27 The Little Things - Wanted
28 'You Could Be Mine - Terminator 2
29 Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) - Men in Black
30 Nadia's Theme - Nadia
31 The Blower's Daughter - Closer
32 Misirlou - Pulp Fiction
33 Stuck In the Middle With You - Reservoir Dogs

None of the songs that immediately came to my mind were listed here. After reading I would have to concede a few but I had to add this. Easily top three. After seeing this scene, you can't listen to this song without cringing.

34 Kissing You - Romeo and Juliet

wow it sends shivers down my spine

35 Jumpin' Jack Flash - Mean Streets

DeNiro entering a watering hole in slo-mo, riveting stuff - murph

36 Behind Blue Eyes - Gothika
37 Chicago- Little Miss Sunshine

breathtaking imagery juxtaposed with an amazing Sufjan Stevens original- can't beat it

38 Cruisin - Any Given Sunday

Smokey robinson cruisin during the bar scene in 'Any Given Sunday' which if you add all the tunes from that film togehter has the greatest movie soundtrack of all time

39 Boom - The Longest Yard
40 Die Another Day - James Bond: Die Another Day
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