Best Use of a Song in a Movie

Refers to the use of an existing song as a plot device. This means that the characters in the movie interact with the song in some way such as listening to it or singing it. Songs that are merely in the soundtrack are not suited for this list, but they can be added to the Best Use of a Song in a Movie Soundtrack top ten list. Also, songs in musicals or other songs written specifically for the movie are not included.

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21 Bennie and the Jets - 27 Dresses

that part in the movie was the best!! really good movie, really good song. - Lottie

22 Don't Stop Me Now - Shaun of the Dead

WHAT? They use one of the best Queen songs in yet another movie? Awesome! See, people are starting to understand!

Shut the Queen off

No, it sounds perfect with the scene you're in hah aha

Shaun: David! Kill the Queen!

David: WHAT?!


"Who the hell put this on? "
"It's on random! "

23 When the SH-- Goes Down - This is the End
24 All Star - Shrek

Created a meme sensation. - ParasN2000

25 Super Freak - Little Miss Sunshine

Olive is hilarious couldn't have chosen a better song, shame the movie was crap! - thetopten

26 Panama - Superbad

hillarious movie and kick ass song. that scene was so awesome!

27 Always On My Mind - Practical Magic

So creepy, once you realize what's going on. It almost gives me chills.

28 Stayin' Alive - Saturday Night Fever
29 You Never Can Tell - Pulp Fiction
30 Purple Rain - Purple Rain

Just watch it. Millions of fans over twenty years are based on this musical movie moment.

31 Por ti Volare - Step Brothers

it seems they put this song in this movie just to make the top of this list - louiethefly

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32 Pocket Full of Sunshine - Easy A
33 Singing In the Rain - Clockwork Orange
34 Goodbye Horses - Silence of the Lambs
35 I Feel Pretty - Anger Management

I was laughing so hard I was bawling - PinkLemonade

36 Stuck in the Middle with You - Reservoir Dogs
37 And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Dreamgirls
38 I Say a Little Prayer for You - My Best Friends Wedding

Highlight of the entire Film

39 Low - Tropic Thunder

me and all my friends make up dances to this somg - lilbert12345

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40 I Will Always Love You - The Bodyguard
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