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61 Afternoon Delight - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Both spontaneous and perfectly synchronized, it is used to tell us all what the true meaning of "love" really is. - theforce427

62 We've Only Just Begun - 1408 V 1 Comment
63 Would? - Singles
64 When You Say Nothing at All - Notting Hill
65 More than a Feeling - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Ok, I might be obsessed with song a little too much, but they do play it in the movie. Watch the movie and listen carefully. When they shoot electricity going out or something, you see a car door open and you hear about 2-3 seconds of it.

Haha, yeah. Great song though. - Baltimore1993

66 My Stoney Baby - Harold and Kumar: Escape From of Guantanamo Bay
67 Hail Holy Queen - Sister Act
68 It Will Be Me - Brother Bear 2
69 Flight of the Valkyries - Apocalypse Now

The helicopter assault in Apocalypse now while Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries blared is the best use. When I first saw this scene I was simultaneously struck by feelings of awe and disgust. Which I think was Coppola's intention for his disturbingly brilliant masterpiece.

70 All I Could Do Was Cry - Cadillac Records
71 Right Kind of Wrong - Coyote Ugly
72 America - Almost Famous

the song strikes some strong emotion... used well in the movie - bufallowings42

73 Finale - Ring 00 Birthday
74 Exhale - Waiting To Exhale
75 Hero - (500) Days of Summer
76 Love is Strange - Badlands
77 Can You Feel The Love Tonight - The Lion King
78 Black Suits Coming - Men in Black II
79 Secrets - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

This is an awesome song by OneRepublic that it's not only played as part of the movie, it's part of the story. It's played when Dave starts to listen to Becky's radio and when he shows her his Tesla Coil, doing some chords of the song. Also I think this song reflects Dave's situation in the movie about telling all his 'secrets' (about his training) to Becky.

80 Sussudio - American Psycho
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