How to series episode 5: How to create a proper username

For many users on this site, making a username was a very important step in making an account. However, for many new users or visitors, making a username is an extremely difficult task that can either help you receive more attention or make you irrelevant because it was not formed properly. Here are a few steps to help you create a great username and get going with your TTT account.

Step 1: Find something important in your life

Many things can be used when creating a username that matter for you. For instance, putting an important number like your social security number or a school id is a surefire way to have a good username. Another idea for a username could be an obsession you have developed such as a video from Porn hub, any food that smells bad, or something with a bad fanbase like Minecraft. Once the idea is decided on, move on to step two. Remember you can't change the username so make it excellent.

Step 2: Format the username

Now that you have fully discovered something important about you, begin typing the username. Now typing something on a computer or mobile device is hard for many people since they lack brain capacity. When typing the username first place your arm on the keyboard or device. Then smack the typing area with full force like someone having a seizure. After the smackdown, make sure the username is unevenly capitalized, makes no sense to anybody, and has numbers at random points. Some examples include: A3S99Smanhoel, 1029fhusdbuqq8475637, MeowMixisthebestthangevur, and Kpoop519203948576.

Step 3: Type the username in when creating an account

You better hope that you have a working memory to perform this step. If not, stop reading now and see a psychiatrist. See step number 2 for the typing part, but make sure you click on the box that says "Username" . If you type it in as a password, that's good for your friends, family, and that nice guy with the windowless white van. Once you have that done, sit back and wait 24 months for your account to be approved by the admin of the bedroom.

Overall, here is a helpful guide to making a proper username on TTT. Good luck on making any content for here.


11/10, amazing guide. My username should be stinkycheese234677665556 instead of lovefrombadlands! - visitor