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41 Here I Stand Here I Stand V 1 Comment
42 Good Kisser Good Kisser

I like that 2014 song of "Good Kisser" because I saw you dancing like Michael Jackson I like it.

Jordan Thomas Hines

V 1 Comment
43 Lemme See

This song should be higher, it fits the mold of usher's best songs. The music is great and gives you a nighttime feel it should definitely be higher.

44 She Came to Give It to You She Came to Give It to You

Great song... They were good together in lil freak, but even better in this song!

45 Party Ain't Over Party Ain't Over
46 Guilty Guilty V 1 Comment
47 Promise Promise
48 No Limit No Limit V 3 Comments
49 People In the House

What how could they think this is not a song its got will.I. am in it. Please vote it should be #1

V 1 Comment
50 Spotlight Spotlight
51 Lovers and Friends

This song is great, I know Usher's songs are so great that you can't really pick a favorite but this song SHOULD BE THIS FAR DOWN. Top 20

This should definitely be in the top 10!

52 Stranger Stranger
53 Foolin' Around Foolin' Around

This is clearly the best.
The lyrics... are perfect

54 Euphoria

How is this song so low?! I'm not saying its number one but definitely way higher then 39

V 2 Comments
55 Can't Stop Won't Stop Can't Stop Won't Stop
56 Trading Places Trading Places

Please this song should be number 1!

As Oprah Winfrey once said to Usher referring to his music, it is as if he makes love to it!
Well, in this song that's what he is doing! Sexy & sensual as never before!

Usher here nails the song with his unique sense of rhythm and his sensual voice. A combination to die for!
One of a kind!

V 1 Comment
57 Truth Hurts Truth Hurts
58 Ice Box
59 I Don't Know I Don't Know
60 Let It Burn

Words have no affect on how great this song is

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