Best Players in Utah Jazz History


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1 Karl Malone Karl Malone Karl Anthony Malone is an American retired professional basketball player. Nicknamed "The MailMan", Malone played the power forward position and spent his first 18 seasons in the National Basketball Association with the Utah Jazz and formed a formidable duo with his teammate John Stockton.

Karl Malone is the best basketball player to ever wear a Utah Jazz jersey (all due respect to John Stockton who is an all time great in his own right). Malone is the only player in team history to win the NBA MVP and he did it twice (the second time he became the oldest player to ever win NBA MVP). He's the leading scorer in team history and the second leading scorer in NBA history. His list of accolades and accomplishments is long and I could sit here and list them all but I don't feel it's necessary. People can research them. I'll leave this simply, Karl Malone is the best player in team history. Not only that, he's a top 10 player in NBA history.

3rd most points in NBA history behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan. - GeneralJP

Shoot, the Mailman delivered for Utah even more than the great Juan Stockton. 2 Time MVP! MVP PEOPLE!

Karl Malone was the best in jazz history and the best Power Forward sorry Tim Duncan fans but Tim Duncan ain't GOT NUTTIN on The Mailman

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2 John Stockton John Stockton John Houston Stockton is an American retired professional basketball player. He spent his entire professional playing career as a point guard for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association, from 1984 to 2003. Stockton is regarded as one of the best point guards of all time, holding the NBA more.

One of the best PGs of all-time. - GeneralJP

Sure he's not the 2nd leading scorer in the NBA but he's awesome he never really got all the applause it all went straight to Karl Malone. Vote for John Stockton

More NBA records than I can remember, definitely most by a Jazz player. What would Malone be without this guy's dimes?

He holds the NBA's record for most career assists (15,806) by a margin of more than 3,000, as well as the record for most career steals (3,265). He had five of the top six assists seasons in NBA history - TwJaGd

3 Pete Maravich Pete Maravich Peter Press Maravich, known by his nickname Pistol Pete, was an American professional basketball player.
4 Deron Williams Deron Williams Deron Michael Williams is an American professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association.
5 Bryon Russell
6 Adrain Dantley

The right player on the right team at the right time.

One of the best small forwards in NBA history!

Under appreciated.

7 Jeff Hornacek
8 Antoine Carr
9 Darrel Griffith

Average over 20 Pts per game first 5 years with team! Jazz only Rookie of the Year! Griffith led NBA in 3 points shooting and before injuries was a NBA premiere Dunker. Was known as Dr.Dunkenstein for his dunking ability.

10 Mark Eaton

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11 Donovan Mitchell

He should have won ROTY

This man is a beast

12 Al Jefferson
13 Jeff Malone

Very underrated in his day because he was a quiet person. The man could shoot lights out.

14 Carlos Boozer
15 Thurl Bailey
16 Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward Gordon Daniel Hayward is an American professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association.
17 John Drew
18 Mehmet Okur
19 Ricky Green
20 Tom Chambers
21 Theodore "Blue" Edwards
22 Rudy Gobert Rudy Gobert Rudy Gobert-Bourgarel Is a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He also represents the French national basketball team in the international competitions. Standing at 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m) tall with a wingspan of 7 ft 9 (2.36 m) long, he plays at more.
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