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1 Dream Lover Dream Lover Cover Art

This song is godly, listen to it on repeat for hours like honestly my favourite song by them.

2 Denial Denial Cover Art

I love this song one of my favourites how is it not even on this list!

3 Bad Mood Bad Mood Cover Art

Best song by the band, featuring in the NFS MW2 soundtracks...definitely should be higher in the list

4 I Always Knew I Always Knew Cover Art

This song is immensely powerful, it makes me want to fall in love over and over again.

I just love this song it's so romantic and sweet I love Justin Young so much, the vaccines are indeed my favorite band, it was hard to chose which song was my favorite but this one always puts a smile on my face

Really stands out on this record, perfect for when you're in love!

Amazing song that brought me to find The Vaccines.

5 Teenage Icon Teenage Icon Cover Art
6 Melody Calling Melody Calling Cover Art
7 Aftershave Ocean Aftershave Ocean Cover Art

One of their calmer songs, but very catchy nonetheless! I could listen to it for hours

8 If You Wanna If You Wanna Cover Art

The lyrics are simple but effective, the melody is exciting and I don't know anyone who can resist getting up to rave to this song.

I love this song! It's the first song I heard by this artist and I absolutely love it, its catchy, upbeat, and not bad to get high too

Amazing song, just makes you want to get up dance and sing along, the catchy lyrics and short length of the song makes you listen to it many times over

9 All in White All in White Cover Art

An amazing song, makes me cry every time I hear it. Suck a tune, always gets me out of depression, the vocals are so genuine.

Best one by far

10 Norgaard

No doubt the best song by them! Love the backstory, just makes you enjoy the song even more. They really were stellar in this one!

Iconic song, great lyrically and rhythmically. Can't top this song!

They always close with it! It's a fanstastic tune and it always gets me buzzing with joy!

Catchy and upbeat, but short. Definitely a top ten.

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11 Post Break Up Sex Post Break Up Sex Cover Art

Amazing song, the best of the vaccines.

12 Wetsuit Wetsuit Cover Art

A song about not wanting to grow up and clinging onto those childhood memories, it's a song we can all relate to, what could be better?

An outstanding song by an amazing band.

13 Wreckin' Bar

Definitely One of my favorite from them.

14 Weirdo Weirdo Cover Art

Most amazing song! Should be top 10 at least, if not 1!

15 A Lack of Understanding A Lack of Understanding Cover Art
16 Family Friend Family Friend Cover Art
17 No Hope No Hope Cover Art

No doubt one of their best songs. The guitar in this song is amazing and it's so catchy. I just always find myself head banging to it when I hear it.

No wait, how can this song not be on the Top 5?

18 Wolf Pack Wolf Pack Cover Art

This is literally the best song ever! they opened their concert with it in December and it got everyone jumping! FAVE!

Has a "cool 50s bee-bop but updated for today" sound to it. Really upbeat and great energy. My favorite

So uplifting and upbeat

19 Minimal Affection Minimal Affection Cover Art
20 Under Your Thumb Under Your Thumb Cover Art
21 Tiger Blood Tiger Blood Cover Art
22 Handsome Handsome Cover Art
23 Blow It Up Blow It Up Cover Art

This song is so positive and its definitely one of the highlights of the album! It should be higher

24 We're Happening
25 Lonely World Lonely World Cover Art
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