Best Vader Songs

Vader is a Death Metal band from Olsztyn, Poland founded in 1983. Here is a list to vote for best Vader songs.

The Top Ten

1 Decapitated Saints
2 Return to the Morbid Reich
3 Shadowfear
4 Come and See My Sacrifice
5 Sword of the Witcher

Sounds one of the most unique death metal songs ever

Always thought he said "unholy finger in my a**". Lol

6 This Is the War


One of the most addictive choruses I've ever heard! This song is even better when you listen to it with it's intro (Para Bellum)

7 The Black Eye
8 Only Hell Knows
9 Black Metal

The great cover for the Popular Band U. K Venom, is super death riff!

10 Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)

The Contenders

11 Raining Blood
12 Ultima Thule
13 I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
14 Lord of Thorns
15 Fight Fire with Fire
16 Devilizer
17 Xeper
18 The Eye of the Abyss

Sinister orchestral intro, leading into a killer riff, one of the best of their career! - petrucci75hammet

19 Dark Age
20 Triumph of Death

Angel of Death on steroids.

21 I Had a Dream
22 Black Velvet and Skulls of Steel
23 Don't Rip the Beast's Heart Out
24 They Are Coming
25 Rise of the Undead
26 Hexenkessel
27 What Colour Is Your Blood
28 Epitaph
29 Freezing Moon

Better than the original.

30 Never Say My Name
31 Wings
32 Impure
33 They Live!!!
34 Dark Heart
35 Amongst the Ruins
36 As Heavens Collide...
37 We are the Horde
38 The Book
39 Warlords
40 Field of Heads
41 Prayer to the God of War
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