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Skullkid755 Valve, is my favorite video game company ever! Nintendo is good, but they have made many mistakes while Valve hasn't even made a game that isn't at least good. Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead are games I wanna try out in the future. I'll tell my steam username sometime in the future again but for now I want to just play games instead of having to spend three hours messaging people I can talk to on this website more easily. I got fed up with Uplay's slow download speeds so I made a steam account to play far cry primal until finding out that couldn't use the activation key twice. I still got some games using money on steam and also the free game Team Fortress 2, an online cartoony first person shooter. It's still popular after several years and it's updating right now at like a thousand kilobytes a second. I'll review it based off game-play, addiction level, and I'll review all of the characters you get when you first play the game. So, time for the review to begin.

The game-play is very fun. I've put 15 hours into the game since I got it. The multiplayer promotes team work, which is something very few games do right without meaning that if one player screws up everyone screws up (Triforce Heroes quitters ruin the online for it). You get good weapon variety for each class, and you switch weapons easily and quickly. It's also fast paced and again, addictive. You get multiple game modes like payload race, capture the flag, arena, so you get good options.

The graphics are not eight gen quality, but they still hold up and look great. I like that since that means it runs smoothly on my PC. I like the art-style too since it looks cartoony and funny, I even laugh when I die since it shows a gory and unrealistic image of my remains after I do. It also makes it easy to mod, but I don't think it has much modding support like I thought it would before I tried out mods, but I've probably got it done right now so maybe my map that I downloaded will work. It looks cartoony and unrealistic and that's why I like it's graphics. Time to review the characters you get when you play the game.

Scout : Lame, boring, but double jumping can come in handy sometimes, so it's okay. But he under powered and I don't think he has the best default weapons either. Okay.

Soldier : Better than the scout. You can launch enemies into the air by shooting their feet, meaning even if they don't take attack damage, they still have a chance of dying from the fall.

Pyro : My favorite. You do best win up close and can burn your enemies, and I take out multiple enemies that way. You can also send back projectiles with your secondary attack. My favorite character because of that.

Demoman : You can throw bombs and detonate them, or wait for them to detonate. Good for taking out multiple enemies after hitting them.

Heavy : He is very strong and has lots of health, and can drop an item for his team mates to pick up and get healed from. He's very slow, making him a good target for snipers. He's the one you should look out for, and is also the face of Team Fortress 2.

Engineer : He collects metal to build stuff around the map from stationary guns that shoot and piss you off when you don't see them, to dispensers that give out health. It's good for helping out team mates and also good for pissing off your enemies by bombarding them with bullets from a machine.

Spy : You can disguise yourself as the enemy and take them out, but once you hit that attack button, you'll go back to normal and be very vulnerable. Best to take out enemies when they're all alone.

Sniper : You zoom in with your sniper rifle and can take out enemies with one critical head shot. Be careful, I've played as one of these and I seem to get attacked when I zoom in with the sniper rifle.

It is again addictive. I find myself not being able to quit when I start the game. I've put 15 hours into this game. It has micro-transactions, but they don't cause you to quit playing since they don't add much, unlike Wizard 101, where you have to buy areas to complete quests you tried out for free.

So, in conclusion, this is a very addictive free to play game. I suggest playing as a Pyro the most and the other classes are still fun to play as, and the micro-transactions are something that you'll need to do good or enjoy the game after a few months. I suggest downloading this game on Steam and also getting a Steam account just for this game. This has been my review of TF2, and check my profile for more great content, and goodbye.


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