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Skullkid755 Another Valve game? Well, the only Valve game I have reviewed so far is Team Fortress 2. I will review Half Life 2 when I play it more later on. Well, let me give you a few details about Portal first. Portal is a first person puzzle game. It also has the Portal gun to allow for good, creative and unique puzzle solving. It is my favorite Valve game and it's by my favorite video game developer. It isn't my favorite video game of all time, but it's one of them. In fact, I gave it a higher ranking on my remix of greatest games of all time today. I completed it for the second time today, and it was easier, but doesn't that mean the experience was inferior? Nope, it took half as long to beat the second time, and I beat the final boss in one go, but I still enjoyed it. So, time for me to review Portal, right now!

So, first, let's go over the graphics. They are pretty good. The looks of the game make it feel futuristic, you can see what you are doing easily, and the levels have good detail two. The radios and other small objects that can be picked up have a good feel amount of detail and seem more like real objects than something to feel up space and use up the game's entire budget. And I like that the glass looked broken when it was hit with a turret bullet, and the tubes looked like the were hollow and the steam effects were good too. The graphics were great, hold up well, and give it a futuristic feel.

Now, for the soundtrack. The sound track also made the game feel special. The fast paced song towards the end and during the final boss, the old commercial type song heard when you pick up a radio, and the song heard in the end! "Maybe Black Mesa" "Those That Are Still Alive" "Think Of All, The Things We Learned" are all just a few of the good lines in the song sung by GLaDos.
The sound track made the game feel special and went with the game's tone and game play. I liked the last song sung by GLaDos and speaking of GLaDos I will now go on to the characters.

We are gonna talk about the only character with a personality in the game. GLaDos. She is a good villain. She puts you through several deadly tests that could get you killed with one mistake. In the end it is revealed that she killed several people who worked at Aperture Science and they put a morality core in her to prevent her from doing it again. She insults you by saying you were adopted and don't have any friends, that maybe true for the person you play as. She is my favorite video game villain and that's why she is causing this category to get points.

Now for the game play. It is the best puzzle based game play I have seen in any video game. You have to carefully shoot portals in the air to further increase stamina and get to a place you must go. You also have to move fast in front of turrets to place portals by them correctly and not to get hit by their bullets. I also liked using portals to sneak up behind turrets and picking them up. You can also use two portals to make an object fall into one from the other for a long time. The puzzles were all unique and not repetitive. It was creative, fun, and required thought.

Here we have the story. The story line was good and well executed. You are put into many testing chambers and must complete all 19 of them as you here GLaDos talk to you. She (spoilers) tries to kill you. Since you can't fall into the fire pit you instead must use a portal to go to the other side. You then have to escape and find her where you eventually find out that GLaDos killed many people and was stopped when a morality core was put into her. The small amount of story in the game was great and original and wasn't cliche and boring. That's why it gets points for it.

So, this game is the best Valve game I have played. It had great graphics and a good soundtrack that included a memorable final song and both of them added a futuristic and great atmosphere to the game. The puzzles were well designed, creative, and made use of the physics of the game. It's little bit of story was original and well done while also setting up a sequel I want to play in the future. I love this game and I hope to play it's sequel Portal 2 in the future. This is a great and short game I suggest to anyone who wants a good story and creative puzzles and I give it a 94/100.


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Backwards comparability! Exists! Or something else! That allows you to play 7th gen games on 6th gen consoles! This was meant to sound like an awful song! - Skullkid755

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