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21 Half Life 3

Great, but I wish Darth Vader hadn't killed Manbearpig and betrayed The Avengers. - toptenzen

Without this game, the world would've entered a dark age of terror...

Dude what is half life 3

Good meme

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22 Half-Life: Blue Shift
23 Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

It is actually a very good game and I am having a very good time playing it. It is just like the original and has more game modes. Plus it is Free!

It wasn't made by valve but it was made by Nexon I found this out on steam

Wow I can't believe it made it this far

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24 Half Life Black Mesa

It a recreation of half life one and was made in 2015. Showing more detail and Easter egg.

25 The Lab
26 Rust


This isn’t even valve

27 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

If you have played HL2 you are probably wishing you could play with theese guns and enemies multiplayer-This game is just that.

28 Ricochet

This game is crap just admitted its crap

I was playing alone for about 25 minutes, found this guy. We played and talked for like the whole night, and towards the end I started to notice his language and actions in game were a bit off - almost as if he was either really young and silly or had some sort of problem. I ended looking at his steam profile later out of interest after he left where I saw no profile pic, background info or anything and only one game: "Ricochet" which we had been playing. Something suddenly caught my eye: "2-0-0 H-O-U-R-S" My jaw dropped... I'm surprised he is still alive!

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29 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Having internet problems no problem just play this!

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30 Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Cool but short game

31 Deathmatch Classic V 1 Comment
32 Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
33 Zombie Panic! Source V 1 Comment
34 Day of Defeat
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