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61 Lucy Bennett

Okay, not saying she should be in the top ten, but come on, this girl deserves some recognition, okay?

62 Sloan
63 Liv Parker
64 Ryna Cruz
65 Seline
66 Cade
67 Tara
68 Tatia
69 Amara

Why do people insist that I should pity this character? Seriously, I don't pity those that fall victim to karmic justice. "But her only crime was falling in love" She crossed Qetsiyah, not just by stealing her fiancé (which is a crime all in its own, but not the root of the problem) but also used her to get immortality. If she was so in love with Silas she could have just ran away with him and lived out uer life blissfully in love, not scheme and manipulate with her boyfriend to cross over a friend (at least I assume since she was the one closest to her). She deserved what she got -- true tragedies stem from an injustice which just isn't in her story. Sorry Nina Dobrev fans, just because you like the actor doesn't make the character likable, they're two very separate entities.

70 Vicki Donovan
71 Pearl

Pearl is a good women - ventspils3

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