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21 Worship You Worship You

Listening to it and voting for it..
Just listen to it once I bet you'll get hooked to it.

Listen it once.
I can bet my life that yuo will love it and try to sing it once on your own.

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22 Run Run

This is SUCH a great song it has a great underlying meaning too its one of my top five VW songs how the heck is this not higher

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23 Boston
24 Finger Back Finger Back

Great Song! Koenig knows how to trick peoplr into a sad upbeat song. And Finger back is one of 'em.

25 I Think Ur a Contra I Think Ur a Contra
26 Obvious Bicycle Obvious Bicycle
27 Don't Lie Don't Lie

This song deals with ideas of mortality and fleeting youth in the most beautiful way possible. "Don't lie, I want you to know, God's loves die young, are you ready to go? " It really sparks up a need to live life to its fullest. Since we're not lying here, no, I'm not ready to go. Absolutely amazing.

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28 Taxi Cab Taxi Cab V 1 Comment
29 Jonathan Low
30 Hudson Hudson

This is definitely not one of their best songs, but it should be higher than 30! The lyrics, if you really take to time to examine them, are really clever and deep. Also, the minimalistic nature of the background music goes really well with the style of the song.

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31 I Stand Corrected I Stand Corrected

The most relaxing and beautiful song on their first album.

32 One (Blake's Got a New Face) One (Blake's Got a New Face)
33 California English California English

Of course this is at the bottom of the list. It's not bad enough to be considered an under-dog, and not good enough to be a classic.

34 Giant Giant
35 Arrows
36 Young Lion Young Lion
37 Song 2
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