1984 - Van Halen: Random Album Review

I think we can all agree on 1 simple thing, when it comes to music! Eddie Van Halen is freaking epic! I mean if you'd heard their Debut Album (I may review it later!), you would know the insanity of this guy!

And though their denut Album was great, my Review today is my personal favorite Van Halen Album! 1984!
Let us begin!

It's just Sinthezier Intro! It is'nt much to talk about!

Van Halen Fan Favorite of course! One of those songs EVERYONE knows! Such a catchy tune to say the least! Like Detroit Rock City it's rather happy in contrast to the sad lyrics! While not my favorite on the album, it really deserves it's place as Van Halens Fan Favorite!

You know, this song has it all! It's as catchy as Van Halen music gets! It has Incredible guitar work. Together with Jump a all-time favorite of all Van Halen fans for a reason, it's absolutely amazing!

Top Jimmy
It starts off much slower than you'd expect! Then suddenly it transitions to a fast-paced Rock song and back! Of course we also get a pretty sweet guitar solo. What do you expect, it's Van Halen!

Drop Dead Leg
Somewhat it reminds me more of AC/DC! If you would'nt tell me it's a Van Halen track, I'd might expect it to be from AC/DC! Of course great work on the guitar abd drums this time makes this a pretty great Rock Song!

Hot For Teacher
Besides of Eruption, this song here is my favorite Van Halen Song! It already starts off so insane and then just gets more insane! Mentions to the work on the drums, IT IS AMAZING! Of course try don't having this song stuck for the rest of the day!

I'll Wait
This song starts off with a cool Keyboard Intro! And it uses far less work on the guitar, but focuses on Drums and Keyboard! It's a pretty cool song to say the least with it's catchy beat and lyrics!

Girl Gone Bad
From the first few seconds the drums to a great job on setting up this song! The rest of course is pure Rock! And it would'nt be Van Halen, without a fast-paced Solo!

House of Pain
A pretty sweet ending to this Album. It's pure Rock with great work on all fronts! The main problem about this song is just how Eddies vocals are'nt loud enough in my opinion!

So after looking at this Album, how are the ratings:
1984: 6/10
Jump: 10/10
Panama: 9,5/10
Top Jimmy: 8,5/10
Drop Dead Leg: 8/10
Hot For Teacher: 9,5/10
I'll Wait: 9/10
Girl Gone Bad: 8/10
House of Pain: 8/10

This Album has many Killer Tracks, by one of the worlds greatest guitarists! It manages to get a pretty sweet score of:
9,5/10 with the adjective "pretty awesome"
Not only is it one of Van Halens Best Album, but also a pure classic of the 80's and a recommendation for every Rock Fan!