Best Van Morrison Songs


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1 Moondance Moondance

Like this song, it’s great. - Camaro6

This is my far his best song! How is this not on the list!?

6th? This is the 2nd best!

Such a great song, its one of my favourites.

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2 Into the Mystic Into the Mystic


3 Brown Eyed Girl

Best by far.

Absolutely the best ever by Van the Man!

First big hit - listened to this in high school with my own Brown Eyed Girl!


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4 Tupelo Honey

Song has everything,it’s a combination of music,lyrics and vocals the endings a killer!

My personal favorite from a litany of great songs!

5 Crazy Love

This is beautiful music that should move anybody with its silky sound. If it's not number one, we has some explaining to do... - slwoodssr

6 The Way Young Lovers Do
7 Have I Told You Lately

Beautiful I love this song

Best love song ever

8 Bright Side of the Road

Happy snappy up lifting

9 Astral Weeks

A peach

10 Glad Tidings

The Newcomers

? Moonshine Whiskey
? You’re My Woman

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11 And It Stoned Me
12 Madame George

Only a true genius could have created this.

I would make this number 1 for te lyrics and that wonderful cover version by Marianne.

13 Jackie Wilson Said
14 Sweet Thing

Best song ever written - hands down!

I love this song. Builds beautifully. His voice just melts me. Incredible piece of music. Definitely my favourite.

15 Domino
16 Warm Love
17 Caravan

If it is good enough for Johnny Fever...

Why is this 28 it's top 5 easy

18 Gloria

Please, raise up this song!

19 Baby Please Don't Go
20 Dweller on the Threshold

Great song and happens to be my favorite Van Morrison song.

21 Here Comes the Night
22 Wonderful Remark

Just a wonder soothing song

23 Cleaning Windows
24 Hymns to the Silence
25 Wild Night

Upbeat song - great one to listen to straight out of bed to start your day.

Not even in the top ten? :( - PetSounds

26 Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
27 Moondance - Van Morrison
28 Be Thou My Vision
29 I Shall Sing
30 All Saints Day
31 Pagan Streams
32 These Dreams of You
33 T.B. Sheets
34 Green Mansions
35 Listen to the Lion

Ther's nothing like it

36 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
37 It Must Be You
38 Take Your Hands Out of My Pocket
39 Someone Like You
40 Celtic Ray
41 Bulbs

This song is very hyper and good

42 Come Running
43 Behind the Ritual
44 Comfortably Numb

The cover by morrison is as good as Pink Floyd's version!

45 Streets of Arklow
46 Comfort You

This is last? How? Maybe it was just added last.

47 Fair Play

Just so sublime. My sleep ticket.

48 Every Time I See a River

Should at least be in the top 20s in my opinion.

49 Cyprus Avenue
50 Beside You
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1. Into the Mystic
2. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
3. Moondance - Van Morrison
1. Moondance
2. Crazy Love
3. The Way Young Lovers Do
1. The Way Young Lovers Do
2. Moondance
3. Have I Told You Lately

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