Best Vangelis Songs

One of the biggest orchestral music composers, in his real name Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou.

The Top Ten

1 Conquest of Paradise

This is the best of vangelis... I use this song often for my projects and presentations... This should be the number one song here.

This is a song that actually starts making you think, imagine & feel. You yourself feel like a gladiator, a warrior.

Made for the movie with the same title again, this is another big hit - MatrixGuy

Great the best

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2 Ask the Mountains
3 Alpha

Among the most classic and haunting electronic melodies ever...

Best music ever

4 So Long Ago, So Clear

I thought this song was called "I'll Find My Way Home" I think it is listed that way on the original LP I'd have to dig it out but I'm pretty sure.

5 To the Unknown Man

Simply sublime

6 Chariots of Fire

Magnificent song, the song that is included an many big events, won the Academy Award for Best Original Music Score for the movie with the same title - MatrixGuy

Official song in London olympic medals ceremony

A Wonderful song that was featured in the Movie "Chariots of Fire" Went to number one and won the Academy Award for best Original Music!

Soundtracks of Chariots of Fire & The bounty.. Nothing else is even close..

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7 Love Theme (From Blade Runner)

Another great song by Vangelis I know it well from the Movie "Blade Runner"

Excellent Song from the Movie "Blade Runner"

8 Antarctica

Makes you feel you are in Antartica

Really makes you think you are in Antartica!

9 Hymn

Vangelis' Best. Song. Ever.

10 Pulstar

Makes you feel like your in space

The Contenders

11 Blade Runner Blues

No match. This is the best vangelis song and one of the most powerful and recognizable movie tracks of all times.

This piece creates a magical, bluesy atmosphere which is indescribable with words.

Awesome music. Great film.

Its very hard to undrestand music

12 Heaven and Hell
13 FIFA 2002 World Cup Anthem

official song for this great event - MatrixGuy

This song is very very good and beautiful

14 Eternal Alexander

great song for this excellent underrated movie - MatrixGuy

15 Song of the Seas

My favourite Vangelis' song. astonishingly beautiful. Give it a try, you'll love it.

16 The Tao of Love
17 Wait for Me

This piece has been bypassed most of the time. I deem it equal to Antarctica, Reve, and Ask the Mountains. A masterpiece - totally enchanting, especially if you've seen the film!

18 Voices
19 Titans
20 Opening Titles (From Mutiny on the Bounty)
21 Spiral
22 Reve

I'm so devastated that this dreamy, psychodelic piece is not even in the top 5, the first place occupied by the so ever-commercial albeit NICE Conquest of Paradise... This proves that Vangelis is treated by pop culture as a musical pop figure, which he absolutely is not!

A haunting and beautiful dream. One of favorite songs ever and my favorite Vangelis song.

Unbelievable tune from Opera Sauvage Album (1976)

23 La Petite Fille de la Mer

Here...thank me later :3

24 El Greco: Movement X
25 Five Circles
26 Metallic Rain

I've listen all songs. This is the best.

27 Messages
28 Memories of Green - Vangelis
29 Intergalactic Radio Station

Really HUGE sound...Absolutely BEST

30 Eternity
31 Message - Vangelis
32 Abraham's Theme
33 Missing

Incredibile song

34 Elsewhere
35 End Titles (From Bladerunner)

magic song

36 Prelude

Absolutely spellbinding! I don't know about other tracks, but this one will be in your ears forever once you listen to it!

37 Come to Me
38 Farewell (From Blade Runner)
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