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1 Potatoes

I like them, but they aren't vegetables.

Finally, my brothers and sisters are recognised in the light of thetoptens!

Fries chips hash brown whatever best

Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, scalloped potatoes, yum yum yum!

2 Corn

How is it not number 1 its one of my favorite foods ever!

Its sweet and salty and yummy! - srishti15

Corn its not good for you it makes you fat

It's the best

3 Broccoli Broccoli

I love broccoli


Considering that corn isn't really a veggie, then yeah, broccoli all the way!

Just a refreshing and tasty food to eat.

4 Carrots Carrots The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.

Carrots are amazing, and also healthy. They are so sweet, which makes it easy to eat and savor the flavor. It can easily be put into many dishes and desserts because of its sweetness.

Whenever I need a snack, but I have to stay in shape, fresh carrots are my first choice. Some baby carrots with some ranch is a timeless food choice. Carrots can also be very versatile, and be in many different stews and soups. And we can't forget carrot cake. OBVIOUSLY, carrots should be the almighty champion.

Good with ranch. Disgusting alone, in my opinion - KingSlayer93316

So delicious! I have a lazy left eye and I have eaten carrots almost every day and my lazy eye got better! I also learnt that carrots clean your teeth as you chew which means cleaner teeth! It should be number one!

5 Peas

I eat peas allthe time

Without A Doubt, My Favourite Greens - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Yum! Peas and mashed potatoes are awesome, or if you just have peas on their own. They are great in the pod or on their own. Peas are the best! - Knucklewood

I don't know what it is I like peas in lots if things from my chicken to my pasta.They have such a great taste and texture and look amazing.I also like snap peas but when they are crispy not boiled to were they are soggy they go really good in Asian food. - Ilyas678

6 Cauliflower

Best ever

It's awful

Sorry full of minerals And vitamins

I love this veggie it is lovely and so good for you

7 Onions

Not a big raw onion fan at ALL, but onion rings are great

Ogres have layers

Onion rings...

*drools as I think about it*

I want them... - KingSlayer93316

They have the best texture, best taste, and I strangely like the sting. Most underrated vegetable in my opinion.

8 Tomatoes Tomatoes

The best food in the world to me! Tomatoes make pizza, lasagna, pasta, ravioli, soup, dried, fried, cherry tomatoes, salads, spaghetti, sauce, dip, drinks, etc. the world of food & pretty much Italian Food rests on the shoulders of tomatoes and tomatoes are God of all food because no amazing dish is possible without them! Long live the king of Vegetables & Fruits - Tomatoes shall rule over all! - PrinceZarbon

Why do people call these vegetabales tthere a fruit

Why are people saying tomatoes are fruit they are totally vegetables

They aren't fruits JUST because they have seeds; they are also vegetables due to how they are grown and how they grow in general as opposed to being like most fruits. Tomatoes are my favorite food in the world and all the best dishes are made using tomatoes and they will always be vegetables to me, not fruits. - PrinceZarbon

Tomatoes are FRUITS! Why are they on this list?

Cause they are classified as both, only fruits to people who classify them based on seeds. I consider it vegetables. - PrinceZarbon

9 Lettuce

Lettuce is best! - Userguy44

Salad and on cheeseburgers. That’s the only lettuce I eat - KingSlayer93316

The best part about lettuce it so tastes like nothing it is so crunchy and all you need if you want to make a salad is lettuce


10 Peppers

Peppers are great. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Very spicy - Userguy44

Peppers are actually fruits but they are still my first choice for a snack

Crunchy fried with Hallom cheese...


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11 Brussels Sprouts

Cooked brussels sprouts with spices are just so GOOD! - Solacress

I found it, more people who understand the brilliance of cooked brussels sprouts - 445956

If they're raw they're probably pretty gross. But steamed and slightly salted brussels sprouts are delicious! Everyone should give them a try - Dorito

I think they are great raw especially in a kale and shaved Brussels sprout salad

12 Asparagus Asparagus

You can cook them in so many different ways and are so tasty. They have many health benefits too. They are overall a very good vegetable. You should try them out if you still haven't for some reason.

I know I already voted for potatoes but this is my second favourite. I love everything though to be completely honest. - BKAllmighty

Great topped with bread crumbs and hollandaise or with salmon. - Ilyas678

I love asparagus, especially the white cultivar.

13 Mushrooms

I love them - SadheartofHamiltonClan


I like it on pizza and in Philly Cheesesteaks... - KingSlayer93316

Especially the caned ones!

14 Beans

Beans beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so eat some beans with every meal.

beans are the best vegi in the world I love them

15 Green Beans

To be honist with you I love,love,love green beans there like a dessert to me!

Covered in margarine and Mrs. Dash, they are actually like a treat. - benhos


16 Spinach Spinach

I quite like it. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I think its best raw.

Why is this not higher?

I love spinach. I eat it raw due to their nutrients like iron - Bunearylove75

17 Cucumber

One of my first choices for a snack but this is a fruit

The kappa's favorite food!

They taste good and can be turned into pickles.

Feels great up my as hole!

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18 Celery

Hatsune miku

Dip it in peanut butter. My favorite - KingSlayer93316

The best thing about celery is that you can eat it and then wash your hands! Vote celery for prez! - backflip

One of my favorites with its crunch and shuttle flavor and one stall has just six calories underrated in my opinion

19 Banana Peppers Banana Peppers
20 Beets Beets

People think that beets are really disgusting but I love beets.

Because (RED) beets are awesome, immensely healthful, and after you ate enough of them booked, they turn your pee and poo red, too!

21 String Beans String Beans
22 Cabbage
23 Artichoke

Underrated. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Artichoke is so good, I mean come on, who hasn't been to fisher mans wharf

So good all oiled up


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24 Garlic

Garlic, nature's Monosodium Glutamate.

Rated number one best veggie in the world in terms of cost taste and health and concenience


I LOVE GARLIC don't ARGUE W ME! - gabbi

25 Sweet Potatoes

How the heck is this not at least number 5. I love this vegetable. This is why I first liked vegetables. People vote this now. Please.

These are underrated in my opinion

I LOVE SWEET POTATOES! They're like normal potatoes, but with a sweet, awesome texture and even better health benefits. I always like to make my own sweet potato fries with olive oil and spices, its healthy and DELICIOUS. It might actually be one of my favourite foods

Best vegetable here! Potatoes are okay but only in fries and chips, I like normal, peppers too, tomatoes aren't even a vegetable! I can't stand carrots or broccoli - serenaskye

26 Jalapeño Jalapeño
27 Squash

Squash is yummy

I really love squash cooked! 😃

28 Pickle

Pickles are a dish technically not a veggie since they are created from cucumbers soaked in vinegar. - Ilyas678

Goes well with burgers

I didn't know pickles where a vegetable but nect time I have to eat a vegetable I'm getting pickles😋

29 Rutabaga
30 Chili Peppers Chili Peppers

They are so acidic and vibrant they also add a great spice and I love spicy food. - Ilyas678

31 Pumpkin

Actually the pumpkin is a friut. Worst fruit ever!

32 Arugula

How is this not on the list? The flavor is grassy and bitter in a good way and is the best base in salads. And the nutritional value is awesome.

33 Radishes
34 Mini Carrots
35 Okra

Amazing in a stir fry

36 Eggplant

Eggplants are so good - gabbi

37 Kale

Is the worsed

One of the best super foods and tastes great too!

38 Turnip

Divine when boiled and cut into slices.

39 Red Bell Pepper
40 Sugar Peas

I could eat a bucket load so good. - Ilyas678

41 Leek
42 Purslane
43 Bitter Gourd

Especially I like the nutrition of that

Best ever because I like the nutritional
Value of that vegetable

44 Parsnip

Roast parsnio beat roast potatoes hands down!

45 Chicory

This is actually my least favourite! - Userguy44

46 Red Cabbage
47 Ghost Pepper

to hot

48 Takuan
49 Daikon

Something I like about pickled daikon... - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

You mean Chinese turnip

50 Soybeans
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