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1 Heroin

This song itself is a drug. Once you listen to it, you will get addicted to it.

Absolutely the best song of The Velvets, it transmits the euphoria and the narcotic dreamy effect of the smack

Great, great song. The transitions from quiet-slow to loud-fast is wonderful. The guitar part is amazing!

It's so different from any song ever. It describes perfectly a concept and makes you feel so many emotions with only two chords. Lou's singing it's way more awesome in this song with that rushing-dragging...
In conclusion, why would you do heroin if you can listen to this song?

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2 Sunday Morning

Really the best song, I think. It's the perfect song to listen to when you're in your bed, awake, just feeling good... I LOVE IT!

Should be first. A calm and relaxing song. - Feirceraven



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3 Sweet Jane

Why I don't understand why not are the number one! Awesome song! The best of the velvet by far! Amazing guitar solo

The best then pale blue eyes.

4 Venus in Furs

One of the most sexiest rock songs I have ever heard. Lou Reed sounds so sexy when he says...

" Her mind furs, adorn, imperious"

And when he says...

" Taste the whip in love not given lightly. Taste the whip now pleaadd foor mee.

God I Love VU... - Ananya

5 Pale Blue Eyes

This song may not be the "best" but this is simply beautiful and that's all that should matter.

Beautiful, beautiful... Such a sweet melody but it made me bawl my eyes out.

Reed's best lyrics, no contest.

Just captures the feeling of being with a wonderful woman, when you know it's wrong... but so right

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6 I'm Waiting for My Man

Lou described exactly what I once had experienced

7 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

Beautiful, well composed

8 Sister Ray

Pushed the limits of rock n roll as a genre, walking the fine line at most times between a long rock epic and a simple 'noise rock' jam. Lou and Sterling's guitar licks are strong, almost as if competing for the spotlight in the song. Cale's organ keeps things interesting and freaky, and Moe Tucker's drums keep everything from descending into pure chaos. The best 17 min song you'll find, mini version is best.

Perfect. Changed my kind 180 degrees of what I thought was rock and roll.

It's different of everything I've heard before. It's Velvet's craziest song

This 17 minutes is really worth to listen to it! - somekindofaguy

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9 White Light / White Heat

A really good song for the time.

10 I'll Be Your Mirror

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? Rock and Roll

Saw New York it is so cool to hear a non hard rock song about Rock and Roll

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11 Candy Says

This is the most sweet song ever written. It should be in the top in my humble opinion, my favorite song from the velvets.

12 Femme Fatale

My favourite is Heroin, but as Femme Fatale is my second, I can't stand seeing it so low on the list

13 All Tomorrow's Parties V 1 Comment
14 Who Loves the Sun

Come on, this is the best Velvet Underground song! It has got a whole new level of mysticism and beauty! Makes me wanna listen to it, again and again!

15 There She Goes Again
16 I'm Waiting for the Man
17 After Hours

This song feels like an entity of its own. It's unlike any Velvet Underground song ever recorded, it's like a dark, twisted nursery rhyme. I can't even describe how I feel during this song as it makes me both blissfully happy, and utterly depressed. It's their most beautiful song, and one of the best closing tracks of all time.

18 I'm Set Free

One of sweetest guitar solo ever!

19 I'm Sticking with You
20 Run Run Run

The electric guitar solo says it all. Run Run Run Run Run!

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1. Heroin
2. Sunday Morning
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