Best Vengeance Rising Albums

Vengeance Rising, one of the greatest Christian metal bands ever. They were originally named 'Vengeance' in 1987, but changed it in 1989 because of another band named Vengeance from the Netherlands. They were controversial because of the growling singing voice of Roger Martinez, because many thought it was so demoniac for being a Christian band. They also were controversial because of their album covers.

Next to their first two albums (and their most successful), Roger Martinez changed his beliefs and changed of being a Christian to a atheist/satanist.

The Top Ten

1 Human Sacrifice
2 Once Dead

It album was ranked #45 in the HM's top 100 list of Christian metal album... it's another great album to headbang, although it isn't as awesome as Human Sacrifice - rock2metal

3 Anthology

A compilation album with great songs - rock2metal

4 Destruction Comes

This album had no Christian lyrics are the previous albums, because Roger Martinez changed his views... - rock2metal

5 It's the Vengeance Rising (It's the Thought That Counts)
6 Released Upon the Earth
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