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21 Plum Crazy

Plum purple, turquoise blue, orange, moss green and white really match! I'd prefer having a big item in Plum Crazy such like Vera tote and Tote.

My favorite by far. Just got a hipster in plum crazy. Purple is my favorite color and I think that's why it sticks out to me

My favorite pattern. Olive green and turquoise are my favorite colors and they look great mixed with the purple!

It just speaks to me. Purple is my favorite color, and this pattern has my favorite shade of purple.

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22 Midnight Blues

Very beautiful color perfect for all seasons fall summer spring and winter! Love it! It should be #1

If you're a lover of all shades of blue, this one will melt your teeth. It is strong and at the same time sensuous.

Beautiful color perfect for all seasons! A must have vera pattern!

So beautiful my favorite pattern!

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23 Sun Valley

I love so much. I have the hipster in this pattern and I just love the red and blue in it!

24 Bali Gold

Perfect for the beach, a trip to the islands, or a beautiful summer day!

25 Hope Garden
26 Provencal

Love the most! I have tablet hipster, lanyard, and ID case in this pattern! Love love love! Love how the yellow just pops out for fall.

27 Paisley Meets Plaid

One of the best ever. This should be in top 10

28 Bermuda Blue

Such beautiful and soothing colors

My favorite color of all time!

29 Totally Turq
30 Go Wild

Become an animal! Cheetah! Love this pattern. Have the Clare bag the zip ID case and lanyard in this beautiful color.

31 Boysenberry

Combines my favorite 2 things, purple & paisley

32 Pink Cupcakes
33 Green Cupcakes
34 Loves Me

Too cute, buying the large duffel on ebay right now in loves me I love this pattern so much I will never give it up!

Very cute! I love it I have the vera tote the compact wallet the umbrella and the all in one cell phone case one of the prettiest colors so sad it is discountuined :(

Why isn't this #1 its one of the best patterns its beautiful and matches with everything so well it is so sad to see it discountuined

35 Rasberry Fizz
36 Symphony In Hue

This has got to be one of the top 10 ppatterns. I absolutely love the bright colors on the black background. Bright red, pink, bright green, purple, yellow, blue & a touch of white. Such a fun happy looking combination of colors! I Love it!

37 Rhythm and Blues

Love, Love, Love this pattern! I always get compliments when I carry this pattern.

It is the most beautiful pattern ever! Will someone let me know when there is a tune in in this pattern for sale

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38 Canterbury Magenta

Black, gray, white, & magenta - these colors go together so well. Always classy & my go to winter pattern.

Hands down favorite pattern - it is the pattern that finally convinced me to buy a Vera!

Simply classy & beautiful. This is the pattern that put Vera Bradley on the map for me.

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39 Puccini

Very very ugly and old pattern. Don't buy.

40 Plum Petals

I Love the pattern, I have a huge Vera Bradley plum petals haul and half of my haul is on school supplies for school. Also it has purple on it and that is my favorite color. Awesome pattern!

The purple flowers will make everyone stare at your product! Its that attractive!

Absolutely love the pattern! Purple and lime green are my favorite colors

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