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61 Watercolor
62 Ellie Blue
63 Classic Black
64 English Meadow
65 Flutterby

Beautiful feminine pattern!

66 Flower Shower

Just got my pleated tote in flower shower! So pretty!

67 Mesa Red
68 Simply Violet
69 Hello Dahlia
70 Sittin' In a Tree
71 Twirly Birds Navy

Love so much but don't have anything in this pattern sadly. It is rare but you might be able to snatch a few things of of eBay in this pattern

72 Rosy Posies
73 Canyon
74 Floral Nightingale

Love the colors and is ink blue on here its new but it should be number one its beautiful

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75 Olivia Pink
76 La Neon Rose
77 Dogwood
78 Folkloric

I love orange and now pink too. I think this pattern is awesome and I'm kind of obsessed. I have several pieces. The items are also just so useful!

It makes me happy and has always remained my favorite. I have never tired of it.

79 Fanfare

My other favorite whitelackgray pattern (besides camelia) - classy enough to pair with business outfits.

80 Camellia

Classy & simple - works for casual & dressy attire

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