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1 Bitter Sweet Symphony Bitter Sweet Symphony

One of the best songs of Indie Rock of ever, clearly

The fusion of rock and symphonic music of this song is the best fusion I've ever heard

Best song of the 90's by far!

Surprised the percentage wasn't higher than 31%. This is one of the biggest Britpop anthems out there.

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2 Lucky Man Lucky Man

Great positive song and easy to learn on the guitar. Bitter Sweet Symphony and History close on joint 2nd for me

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3 Sonnet Sonnet
4 Drugs Don't Work Drugs Don't Work

Number 1 surely this is an unbelievable song but very sad. Richard ashcroft at his very best. Brilliant

Beautiful lyrics from Richard Ashcroft, on an excellently written album.

5 Space and Time Space and Time
6 Slide Away Slide Away

This is such a underrated psychedelic epic, McCabe's guitar work at its finest here.

7 Come On Come On
8 Gravity Grave Gravity Grave
9 Love Is Noise Love Is Noise

It as rlly shocking when this songs wasnt even in their top 10 list. This is one of their best song n
Certainly deserves to be in top 5

10 On Your Own On Your Own

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? Rather Be Rather Be

One of the greatest song by verve. Should be in top 3!

? Velvet Morning Velvet Morning

Should be at the top as it's an incredible song!

Should have been released as a single

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11 History History

The legendary backbone for Bittersweet Symphony

12 All In the Mind All In the Mind

Earliest release; fantastic guitar

13 She's a Superstar She's a Superstar

Great early Verve track; psychedelic roots

14 Weeping Willow Weeping Willow V 3 Comments
15 Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
16 This is Music This is Music
17 This Time This Time
18 One Day One Day
19 Blue Blue
20 The Rolling People The Rolling People
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1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
2. Sonnet
3. Drugs Don't Work
1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
2. Lucky Man
3. Space and Time



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