Best The Verve Songs

The Top Ten

1 Bitter Sweet Symphony

One of the best songs of Indie Rock of ever, clearly

The fusion of rock and symphonic music of this song is the best fusion I've ever heard

Best song of the 90's by far!

The best song ever I have fallen in love with the song just wish it was still like this

2 Drugs Don't Work

Number 1 surely this is an unbelievable song but very sad. Richard ashcroft at his very best. Brilliant

This must be #2 in the list, the best song after Bitter Sweet Symphony for sure!

Beautiful lyrics from Richard Ashcroft, on an excellently written album.

Bitter Sweet Symphony's a brilliant song, but I like The Drugs Don't Work even more, because it's so bleak and brittle, yet beautiful, plus the lyrics and vocals R incredible! Gotta B among my 50 all-time favourite songs.

3 Already There

Excellent song.

4 Lucky Man

Great positive song and easy to learn on the guitar. Bitter Sweet Symphony and History close on joint 2nd for me

Very beautiful song from a beautiful album.

No doubt this is the best

This song has a nice feeling

5 Slide Away

This is such a underrated psychedelic epic, McCabe's guitar work at its finest here.

6 Sonnet

Amazing song about a guy who loves a girl and wants her to feel the same about him. Telling her that "there's love if you want it, don't sound like no sonnet", meaning that it isn't that complicated to love him.
A very emotional song with a beautiful rhythm, definitely the best song from The Verve.

7 Love is Noise

Forth wasn't the greatest album In comparison with urban hymes. But this was worth the verve getting back together in my opinion their greatest ever song.

It as rlly shocking when this songs wasnt even in their top 10 list. This is one of their best song n
Certainly deserves to be in top 5

8 Blue
9 History

The legendary backbone for Bittersweet Symphony

Brilliant song. Often overlooked

10 All in the Mind

Earliest release; fantastic guitar

The Contenders

11 She's a Superstar

Great early Verve track; psychedelic roots

12 Weeping Willow

Best track on Urban Hymns.

Underrated at all

So underrated

It is the best...

13 Gravity Grave

This should be higher

14 Space and Time

This one should be higher

Amazing song...

15 Velvet Morning

Should be at the top as it's an incredible song!

Beautiful song - among their best, Top 5 for sure.

Should have been released as a single

Easily a top 3 song

16 This is Music

What this is music. Vote or I'll punch you

17 On Your Own
18 Rather Be

One of the greatest song by verve. Should be in top 3!

19 The Rolling People

How is this song so low? With the driving rythms and the hook...this is one of the best driving songs ever made


20 This Time
21 Come On

Overlooked classic!


22 Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
23 The Sun, The Sea
24 One Day
25 A Northern Soul
26 So It Goes
27 Catching the Butterfly
28 A New Decade
29 Appalachian Springs
30 Virtual World
31 A Man Called Sun
32 Butterfly
33 Life's an Ocean
34 Grey Skies

Best verve song.. deserves to be in the top 10.

35 Beautiful Mind
36 I See the Door
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