The Best Ever The Vicar Of Dibley Episodes


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1 The Christmas Lunch Incident

This one and the Easter bunny are my favorites. Dawn French is awesome as Gerdaline who has to go to several homes for Christmas lunch... It is hard to explain until you watch it you can't believe how funny it is.

Effortlessly funny. Never a better idea than to try and fool the residents of dibley. Then I get on to the sprout eating contest... Need I saw more? What a fantastic show!... What a belting episode!

Its just so effortless. I only have to look at her and laugh. Shes brilliant! And the way she tries to get out of situations but the rest of the village are too stupid. Just a brilliant comedy!

The best episode on this list, but not THE best episode out of all of them

2 The Handsome Stranger

The first time I saw it, I practically burst my sides laughing. I have watched it over again many a time - it's never as great as the first time when you don't realize it is his sister! So funny.

I literally threw up from laughing so hard!

3 The Easter Bunny

The only episode have watched so many times that I have lost count, brilliant

Miss having Mr. Cropley on the show but the whole Lent discussion is hysterical!

4 Celebrity Vicar

because I Think Jim Trott should be a famous stripper with a fan club and merchandise and a magazines and dolls

5 Songs Of Praise

It's better than all o thse get it the nunder 1

6 Merry Christmas
7 Happy New Year
8 Arrival
9 The Vicar In White
10 Election

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11 Animals
12 Winter
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