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Beggin' On Your Knees

It's the best song Victoria Justice ever sang. Beggin on your knees really show how she could express herself and let her go. It's like anger and revenge... XD (My favourite! )

I can't stop singing her song and I watch everyone of her episodes

I love this song... I have memorized the song and going to sing it at my 16th birthday party... Can't wait

Where to begin with this song? First off, I want to say that I am so glad this is number one because this is my number 1 favorite song by Victoria Justice and she honestly deserves WAY more love than she gets right now! She is an awesome singer! I remember hearing this is my school talent show in grade 1 and it was so GOOD! 100/10!

Freak the Freak Out

I think it's a cool song, because it's got great lyrics, and a cool beat. It's one of my favorite pop songs. When Victoria sang it, it made me start singing along. That's what I think about it.

I really like the lyrics to it and especially, the beat to it. I can't stop singing that song. The music video is also really cool. Victoria Justice totally rocks.

I love this song! It's catchy and danceable and is so good! The music video is good too. It totally rocks!

I very nice song! Her singing is very nice and I just can't stop listening to this song! I would call this a nice pop song and the beat is nice and her lyrics are also pretty easy to listen to but they are nicely thought of! I really recommend this song to everyone

Make It Shine

I love this song because it was the song that got Tori into Hollywood Arts. And, Victoria Justice sang it very well. I'm glad that Trina didn't sing it!

I love this song because I make me want to shine like you Victoria I love you so much and I wish you had fun doing your show and I wish you good luck I a big fan more then you can imagine you're the best actor I have ever seen I hope you had fun at victorious however its time to go bye I'm your biggest fan in the hole word bay the way thank you for your time hope you see my fan letter to my best actor and singer I love your voice so much its soft and nice to her again and again hover love and always will.

This song made my dog do this werid thing like he was dancing which was awesome! This song needs to be the top ten needs to be!

It is really really a wonderful, awesome, cool, chilling out song this song just rocks. Do you know that this song starts in a low version but if you go on listening you will also start dancing victoria if you get to see my comment please do send a reply but I don't have a email ID or yahoo or face book just try it to send it in some way and you just rock

You're the Reason Why

I love it makes me want to get in the music business with the song I have written!

I love to sing that song. I love you and yesterday it was my sister's birthday and I sang it for her. I love it cause it make me happy. And I want to learn to write a song like you. Also it makes my sister cry

It is a very cool song I I'm trying to learn it

When I first heard that song it makes me cry even though I love it so much and I love Victoria justice she is and amazing singer I am her lover 4 ever love you I know all the song here I goes this is for Victoria justice I don't want to make a scene I don't want to let you down try it to do my own thing and I am starting to figure it out that it's all right keep it together wherever we go and it's all right oh we'll whatever everybody needs to know you might be crazy but have I told you lately that I love you you're the only reason that I am not afraid to fly and it'

Best Friend's Brother Best Friend's Brother Cover Art

Love this song because it has a nice beat. The video is really cute. I love her singing in the song the vocals are good.

This song is the best song I ever heard. I really like the yeah bit. I would really like Victoria justice to sing more songs on victorious because victorious is the best show ever. So could you make more victorious episodes and include loads of songs in them please. Thank you and I really hope once in my life I will get to actually meet you. X love you victorious cast.


Really cool song smiley face I love it a lot its one of my favorite songs of victoria and I just love them they are awesome she is awesome too!
Love this song because it has a nice beat and the video is cute too I just love it I don't understand why isn't this song number one imma vote for it!

Take a Hint Take a Hint Cover Art

I think it should be number 1 for girlz! Because girlz if boys are picking on them they should sing this.

I love this song it sould be nember 1 it has the beat that makes me dance and boost me out of my seat I stated to sing it every day you sould too. You sould vote for it.

Awesome Music I really love it especially the lyrics and the vocal. Great Job Victoria Justice, you too Elizabeth Gillies and even the word Great Can't express how cool is this music

I have to say this one because Elizabeth Gilles was singing it 2 and victora justice really put her fast voice into it and the song has really good lyrics and they just sound THE BEST TOGETHER they both have good voices in this song

Make It in America Make It in America Cover Art

I love this song from victoria I and also think it is great and it is awesome for our country

I love this song! I love this song because it just makes me happy. Plus it's so cool to dance to. Also victoria justice is awesome and if she sees this well your awesome and is areally good singer. If anything I would love to see her. She is the best!

This is her newest one and I love it. It has a great beat and most of all it has a great meaning.

Victoria justice I'm a hude fan of yours. My name is kia mitchell and I love to sing also I know every single song you sung. And I'm just heart broken that victorious is over I just wish it would come back but I can't wait to watch sam and cat! And my biggest dream is to meet the victorious cast

All I Want Is Everything

I love this song it very hot and so is victoria justice

I love this song so much! This song has super a good singer along with a super good beat.

This song is great to sing in the talent show

This song is awesome, it's all about determination and not settling down for something that is not perfect for you and chasing your dreams.

Faster Than Boys

I love it it is awesome especially when she sang it in victorious

That song is cool I love it!
Dieser song ist cool ich liebe in!

Gold Gold Cover Art

This is an amazing song, and the 28th is a horrible place for it! It deserves the top tens since it's got amazing lyrics

I love this song I want to sing it to all my friends and say it was from victoria justice song and tell them to vote this song

GREAT SONG and so relatable

This song should be on top!

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Leave It All to Shine Leave It All to Shine Cover Art

I really like this song it is so good

It is super cool

I rely love this song rocks my hurt

I love this song I think that Victoria is a good roll model better than Miley.

I don't think anyone would think that Miley is a better role model. - VictoriaJusticeFan

Tell Me That You Love Me

I am in love with this song! I sang this song with my piano teacher and we won first place in the school talent show!

Love this song because it has the feeling of love... And I like the way leon thomas played the keyboard... As I love vics... I love her songs.. I think she is very good singer... I love her acting, dance singing etc. She is the best! She is very cute... And this song is really awesome... It should be on 5th or 4th...

We have an upcoming contest and I chose to sing this because I know it will touch people's heart. She has a really great voice

I really like this song because iT REALLY suits In with Vic's voice and I love to sing this song al the time just when I'm doing anything. It gets stuck in my head but in the best way possible.

Here's 2 Us Here's 2 Us Cover Art

I love that song it's sweat and if I was a pop star I would love to write it

I heard this song a million times is so good it is very calm and awesome It should be number 1

Love this song to bits. I can relate to it. Keep rocking victoria

This is one of the best song by victoria justice

Give It Up Give It Up Cover Art

I love it. In the show Victorious, Jade and Kat sing it at a music resturaunt. They are so good and sing it the best way I have ever heard.

This is what I say to people that love me...

How can jade sing that fast

I love this song and I always singet

L.A. Boyz L.A. Boyz Cover Art

I love this song, but I noticed that when they were singing on the show, Ariana was screaming over Victoria.

I'm not from LA but I just change the name to the city I am from.

I love it and it true the LA boyz are really hot

Love the give it up part

Girl Up

I can't believe you people didn't put this song up! This song has one of the most important messages I have ever heard! Victoria sang this to tell other people to help the girls who are poor and don't have an education. Come on and vote this up. Cause it doesn't take much (whoa) to help the song up.

This song has a really good message and it's a really good song, it should be higher up on the list

This song is really good I love it

Bad Boys Bad Boys Cover Art

This reminds me of boy that think they are good but got nothing to back them up but you did a grate job on this

I love it mostly because I usually fall for the bad boys!

This is a great song by her and this song happens to
A lot of girls

Countdown Countdown Cover Art

Man r u kidding it's the best song

365 Days
Shut Up and Dance Shut Up and Dance Cover Art

Love this song shut up and dance are you with me

Love it makes me want to dance!

I like so love this song

Ok I love dancing

Forever Baby

It's a cute song also I just lovee itt itss so cutte and adorabbllee anndd suupeerr jusstt so uugghh! So ammaziinngg I'm bllowwnn aawwayy!

Finally Falling

I don, t know this song but it sounds great!

Love this song, I sang this and everyone loved it. Victoria you're an amazing singer I want to follow in your footsteps and sing for a living

Finally falling was a good because I like the baet and your vocals and I like all of your song too...

I loved this song I am going to sing it to my boyfriend

Lonely Love Song

I love the song so much and I love victoria

A Thousand Miles

This song was sang greatly by the original artisit (can't remember who, sorry) but Victoria sang it way better (according to my taste anyway) and I LOVE IT

I love this song I hear the song every day!


I really loved the way just sang withouthout

You're the Reason You're the Reason Cover Art

Great song from first season of Victorious, it was in two showings and was a big success!

I also love this song I am planning on getting this song I love this song reminds me of my family that I love so much always there for me and love me for who I am very different then other girls.

Why is this song repeated twice on this page?

I love this song because it feels like l'm singing this song to my mom. Thanks you for this song.

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