Best Victoria's Secret Fantasy Fragrance Mists

Tons of fragrances to choose from in the VS fantasies category. What is your favorite scent?

The Top Ten

1 Love Spell
2 Pure Seduction

This one is the best to me because it smells sweet but not too sweet and my boyfriend always tells me that I smell good when I wear it. - mlawz1

I love this scent! I always get compliments when I'm wearing it, and its so girly and floral! I love it!

This is the only VS fragrance I own.. but hey.. I like it.. and it is sensuous and oh-so-sweet...
Very fruity and not very long lasting but can't really complain as it is a body mist...

3 Amber Romance
4 Secret Craving
5 Sheer Love
6 Secret Charm
7 Coconut Passion

I love the smell of coconuts.

8 Vanilla Lace

Even if you're not a big fan of vanilla scented fragrances, this one is still a great one. It smells sweet, but not too sweet and warm. It's perfect for fall and also winter! - m_law123

Like that! A lot!

9 Endless Love
10 Pear Glace

The Contenders

11 Frosted


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