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1 Take a Hint Take a Hint Cover Art

I love it as it's really catchy and it's just so so so so so so so good and I love it when jade goes 1 2 3 hey hey hey and it's so cool as her voice goes really really really deep my favourite victorious cast member ever is cat she's very very good at singing and can sing a lot higher than tori x like if you love cat! Xx

Best song ever hands down
plus it's in one of the most gayest episodes so-

I think that this is a great song, I've been waiting for Tori and Jade to sing together for ages! But I found this song on YouTube, I haven't heard it on Victorious yet. :(

I love this song it;s very up beat and catch

2 Give It Up

Sorry but jade and cat are the best and completely underrated

This is suck a great song! it was my first time listening to it today.

You can't deny Ariana and Liz are the best singers on the show, and they don't get enough solos, it's mostly Victoria, and don't get me wrong, she can sing, but I think it's great Ari and Liz finally get the chance to be heard for the amazing voices they have

Give it up is by far the best song the show has produced! I mean they got the best two singers on the show to sing together! The song beats any other song on the show hands down!

3 You Don't Know Me You Don't Know Me Cover Art

I can't believe this song isn't in the top 10! Liz Gillies is such an amazing singer and I'm really happy that they let her sing solo. I absolutely love this song because it perfectly describes Jade and Beck's relationship and their undeniable chemistry together.

This one song from Jade beats any and every song Tori has ever sung its amazing

Jade's voice and overall demeanor make this song

Liz gillies sings it and it was her only solo song ever she was great

4 Beggin' on Your Knees Beggin' on Your Knees Cover Art

One day,I'll have you beggin' on your knees for me. This is such a good song. I got it on my iPod and I listened to it over and over again,for 7 times! That is how great this song is.

Great song ever! It should be number 1!

This is a great song, I love it. It's one of my favourite songs.

I love this song! The voice is awesome, the lyrics are amazing, the music is incredible!

5 Freak the Freak Out Freak the Freak Out Cover Art

This is an EXTREMELY great song!

I like that song and Victoria looks funny in that costume.

This song actually aired on the radio when it came out! It was a very good single

My favourite song of all time.

6 All I Want Is Everything

This one is just different from the others. Its more "mature".

The coolest song invented. I love the beat at the begging and the slow-mo they do in the music video. If you hadn't heard it yet look it up and vote.

I LOVE THIS SONG! I looked up 'songs bye the cast of victorious' and a whole list came up so I listened to all of them

I love this and Here 2 Us. They make me so excited.

7 Song 2 You Song 2 You Cover Art

Fantastic song! Best song Andre has ever invented. Laugh out loud!

Jade stop kiss beak

These should be at the 1st place! How come?!

I love Andre's voice it's beautiful

8 L.A. Boyz L.A. Boyz Cover Art

This should totally be at least in the top 10! I love this song so much! Ariana Grande is a super super super awesome singer and so is Victoria. This song is so catchy! I can't get it out of my head because it's awesome and catchy. Should at least be in the top 10! Arianator forever!

The beat and lyrics make the song so upbeat and catchy. Kinda sad that this is the only song Victoria and Ariana performed together. They both did great!

I love this song it should be number 5

I love the songs so so so much and I love arande grande and there a songs I like it is bang bang I like arande grande's voice

9 Best Friend's Brother Best Friend's Brother Cover Art

I love this song so much... It should be on the top of the list

Why has this only got three percent the song is amazing

The only song I liked where tori was there

My best friends brother is the one for me. B.F.B.

10 Make It Shine

My favourite song ever I sing it over 10 times every single day Tori was good singer singing that song in the showcase and got her in the school just love it well done miss Tori Vega

Are you kidding me? Really? This song should be in top 3!

That song makes my ass dance

Make it shine rocks its such a cool sog

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11 Finally Falling

I really enjoyed listening to finally falling by Victoria Justice from Victorious Tori The Zombie, the episode was also enjoyable. I also don't mind: Take A Hint and Beggin' On Your Knees.

I hate the song so much I want to fall off a roof.

I love this song! it is so catchy and I think it's great how tori and beck sang together! I love the chorus

12 Shut Up And Dance Shut Up And Dance Cover Art

Trina was good this episode and better than tori. Cat,Trina, Jade, and Andre killed it

Tori's voice is.. Just beautiful. And the backup singers A.K. A Cat, Trina, Robbie, and Jade, make the song sound great! The meaning of this song is also really.. Meaningful. "It's nine on the dot and we just talk and we talk,

And I just want it to stop,

'Cause aren't we here for the music." Meaning... Just get up and dance! Come on! Haha. Well, the song itself, is actually very catchy and great.

Tori, along with Jade, Trina, Robbie, and Cat's voices, sound absolutely amazing. It's catchy and it should AT LEAST be in the top 5! Take a listen to "Shut Up And Dance." See what you think!

Trina and Robbie actually singing well is amazing

13 5 Fingaz to the Face 5 Fingaz to the Face Cover Art

Its amazing and catchy.It was in the episode driving tori crazy.One of my best songs.#Love victorious

14 365 Days

Best soon on Victorious ever and I love her and Andre singing together they sound perfect and this song I feel the most connected to.

I like this song, it should be at Number #1 don't know why it's not even on this list.

I love this song!

best song.

15 Bad Boys Bad Boys Cover Art

Trina singing this song about Beck

16 Make It in America Make It in America Cover Art

The coolest perfect song for being an american perfectly making me crazy laugh out loud haha I love the part "I wanna taste the sun" and I love the episode of these but I hate when tori and beck kiss thanks to ms, vega hehe

Victoria Justice should re-release this song as a single! It would make a great song of the summer

I love this song. It should be #1

I love that song!

17 Tell Me That You Love Me

I totally LOVE that song

I love this song tell me that you love me

Classic feel good song

I know I love that song.

18 You're the Reason You're the Reason Cover Art

I feel bad for Tori because Trina sells the song.

This is by far the best Victorious song ever!

23? I was expecting at least top 10.

I love that song because it is trina birth week and my sister got a good singing voice and we having a coppition see who wins

19 Here's 2 Us Here's 2 Us Cover Art

The only song on this list that is genuinely a good song with some sort of nice meaning outside of the Victorious 'musical bubble'. Excluding, of course, I Want You Back which is not a Victorious original song.

I love the song, my favorite part is not a dollar in my pocket but a rock ain't broke you know?

Love this song it has a nice beat and rhythm to it

This song describes a REAL relationship perfectly. I love it.

20 Broken Glass

I love Robbie said broken glass Robbie your my best friend and cool

Robbie was so funny in this!

This should be number 1!

One of the best

21 Countdown Countdown Cover Art

I think this song SHOULD BE IN TOP 5! Tori and Andre! Top singing geniuses!

This song is the best! I bet if it was not a nickelodeon song, it would be a huge hit!

This actually the best song on here!

Countdown. Be that one girl!

22 I Want You Back

I absolutely ADORE this song. It might already be a song, but I prefer the Victorious version, its so good!

I love the Victorious cast. Just finished listening to this one of my favourite song this one is have to be the top 10

The best.I love it more than the original

23 Don't You (Forget About Me) Don't You (Forget About Me) Cover Art

Really nice song. Doesn't match up to the original by Simple Minds at all.

24 Leave It All to Shine

I love it and I was surprised when Carly people showed up.

This song is buy ICarly and Victorious.

25 It's Not Christmas Without You It's Not Christmas Without You Cover Art

I sang this song with my two best friends to our parents at Christmas and they loved it is my favorite song ever I love Christmas music

This song is so underrated

I absolutely love this song, it makes me happy :) and it's really Christmassy :).

I love that song and I love chrismas.

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