Best Victorious Characters

The Top Ten Best Victorious Characters

1 Jade West Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) is a frenemy of Tori from Hollywood Arts. She has a gothic sense of style—always wearing dark clothes with eyebrow piercings and different colors of streaks in her hair—and is the long-time girlfriend of Beck Oliver. She is very protective of her boyfriend and is known more.

Personally, I think she, Cat, and Tori are all great, but if it is a matter of contest, Jade wins. I like the fact that she is so honest and down-to-earth and isn't afraid of pretty much anything. I also love her clothing style and her highlights in her hair. Her voice is amazing as well, and I am glad that she is finally given a chance to sing. She is also really hilarious, like Cat. Liz Gillies is a great actress. - Books

Jade is so talented and even though she is mean and bitter to Tori it is so funny and true. Tori is whiny and annoying because she is always complaining about her personal problems to the class and just expects everyone to care and love her. Back to Jade: her relationship with Beck is so hilarious and they both benefit I am so glad they got back together and that Beck did not date Tori that would have been a disaster. So Jade is so funny she is not the steryotypical mean girl: she is way better. Even though I cannot support her darkness she is so awesome.

I think she is the most talented actress on the set. Also she was on broadway!

IN MY OPINION, it should've been obvious from day 1. Most Iconic character in the show: check. More talent than the main character (according to the fanbase): check. The one anyone would enjoy being friends with: CHECK!

2 Cat Valentine Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

I know she is dumb but sometimes she is so smart, nice, funny and beautiful. I love her red hair and big brown eyes. She so deserves to be crowned the best character in show history. I love Victorious and I love Cat and if Cat ever leaves Victorious I don't know what I would do, I would probably make a collection of Ariana Grande posters and stick them on my bedroom wall where I can look at them everyday. I really think that if you don't know Cat Valentine, then look up some Cat Valentine clips o scenes and then you will know to vote for the best Victorious character which is totally Cat Valentine. I LOVE BIBLE!

OMG Cat is hilarious! She's so funny and amazingly dumb, but in a hilarious way! "I swallowed the key" "one time my brother painted part of his body purple" "Why did your brother paint part of his body purple?" "Job interview. He didn't get it." LOLL

Also on broadway. Cat is so funny yet her mind is bonkers. I wonder if she should get a Alexa to ask all her annoying questions.

she is dumb kind sweet and funny but she should date robbie already

3 Tori Vega Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) is the younger sister of Trina Vega, which makes her the youngest daughter of the Vega family and attends Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister. more.

I really love Tori Vega. She's so talented and I really like music as well. So whoever said that she's obnoxious needs to get a damn life! And a BRAIN! She is talented and famous! So shut up, ok?!

Stop hating on Tori for no reason or for stupid reasons. She's a pretty good character and she's got talent. So all you haters are jealous just because she's talented and people in Hollywood Arts are giving her the attention she deserves.

Tori complains when something doesn't go her way. She's spoiled and obnoxious! Self-centered and its ALWAYS about her. I want to hear other people's voices in the show, not just Victoria Justice. Tori needs to learn to lose and take a step out of the spotlight for a change. She should be farther down this list because all the other main characters are better than her.

She is just alright although she’s the main protagonist and star of the show but I don’t think she should even be in the top five. She is annoying and always invading personal space of others.

4 Beck Oliver

Well, he's a cutie, as well as such a sweet guy! He DID A STUNT for Tori, and was just a sweet, charming, calming character, love him!

Beck is always there for Tori. He was the perfect boyfriend, even though its hard to put up with Jade, and he's also super smart, funny, and handsome. Overall, I think Beck is just one of the best characters on the show. Oh yeah, he also is super kind to animals and people. I <3 him!

Good looks aside, the actor is good, and the dude is funny as hell. Seriously, he has some of my favorite responses in the show. I think it’s just his calm attitude mixed with his humor that makes him a standout.



5 Andre Harris

Andre is the most underrated character he's funny and doesn't have beef with anyone he's just chill.

He deserves much more credit in the duets he and Tori perform - songwriting is really hard.

Totally underrated! Love his friendship with Tori, and how it was nothing but friends. This guy can also sing and is beyond adorable.

Great at music, you don't realize that he writes practically all the songs on the show.

6 Trina Vega

Though annoying, she looks out for Tori more than their parents ever did. She is a little to confident to the point that it is irritating. I would say that the time when she was the most annoying was most annoying during Freak the Freak out, but it was because she was in pain.

Trina can be annoying sometimes but shes hilarious and a good sister.

I always thought that Trina was kinda the counterpart for Robbie. Trina is very pretty and yes she can be selfish sometimes but her friends are very unkind towards her even her own sister Tori can be mean to her at times. Trina just wants to fit in and there's nothing wrong with that as long as she realizes her true potential she would fit in with the rest of the group.

Nobody can deny the fact that Trina's hilarious. And I really think she deserves more credit on the show.

Go Trina, we still love you despite your talentlessness (I don't even know if that's a word).

7 Erwin Sikowitz

Sikowitz is just the best honestly! So funny, and relatable. Also, love how the kids kind of consider him a friend!

Sikowitz is one of the funniest characters he's so random also he's the captain of the jori ship!

I know he's not one of the main characters but I'm surprised he's not in the top five! Me and my family love Sikowitz. Especially me.

Why are the crazy ones always the best?

8 Robbie Shapiro

BEST CHARACTER! He's so sweet, and we can see that on the show. Totally underrated, great friend, and he did AMAZING with Rex!

Man. This guy is so underrated and deserves to be on top five. The way he acted along with his partner, Mr. Rex made the viewers believe as if it’s not really a puppet.

A cute, relatable, nerd- surprised not as many people appreciate him :(

I really like Robbie the most because he's funny and I can really relate to him a lot. There's no secret that he has a huge crush on Cat and I think they're just adorable. But I feel really bad for Robbie because Cat is so dumb to not know that Robbie loves her so much and would do anything for her, it always made me want to cry. But anyways I totally think that Robbie deserves a beautiful girl like Cat they belong together! Also Robbie might be a nerd but he has a big heart and people take him for granted.

9 Andre's Grandma

I don’t care what anyone says SHE IS THE FUNNIEST CHARACTER ON THIS DARN SHOW I never laughed that hard in a while

Are you kidding shes the funniest person in the whole show! I basically only laugh when she is in an episode, She cracks me up! "HEY ANDRE! " "Grandma whats going on why are you here? " "REX TWEETED ABOUT IT! " "Grandma go home! " "OKAY ANDRE

andre its raining in my bathroom no grama your in the shower

Lol she's so funny.

10 Daisy Lee

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11 Sinjin Van Cleef

Sinjin is weird but funny at the same time lol

Sinjin is so weird

He's my hero

my hero

12 Rex Powers

Rex is both straight and homophobic, what else could you want?

Bruh the sassiest character,and it’s funny when he makes fun of Robby and Trina

Yeah Yeah Rex Powers

He is a badass rapper

13 Charlotte Harris

You:i don't like her
Me: what the bog are you talking about?

She's so funny and annoying

She is so hilarious


14 Psychowitz

The way they wrote Sikowitz made it seem like he is a Psycho LOL! 😂😜😝😆

15 Lane Alexander
16 Danny
17 Mrs. Lee
18 Ryder Daniels

Ryder Daniels is the worst person in the world he always cheats

19 Cat's Brother

Even thought we've never seen what he looks like, he's one of the most interesting characters.

When cat talks about him it’s funny and his life seems interesting

I know he doesn't actually appear in the show but he makes a great character because he makes Cat even funnier with her constant references to her brother

The best thing about Cat.

20 Ponnie

Lick my loafers, Debbie! - LindenheartInsanity

I will say ponnie is scary

She creeps me out. I have had knightmares about her

Ponnie is so weirrdd

21 Burf

Burf is so weird
He eats weird foods


22 Tara Ganz

Not even that good at singing but she is pretty

So mean,rude and talentless

23 Hayley

Mean, not smart what so ever and she deserves to take care of trina's bleeding mouth!

24 Steven Carson


25 Jarold

I think jar old is a mean man and I don't think that he should have won the hambone compation and Robbie should have won it I mean any one with me

26 Hanley Ferguson

Pretty (from freak the freak out) buff's with Tara ganz.

27 Holly Vega

Lol she is such a savage - cabennett18

28 Courtney Van Cleef

Weird and just a strange kid!

29 Mamaw Shapiro

She should be at #1! Mammaw is so funny I couldn't stop laughing - cabennett18

30 David Vega

He is my spirit animal fashoo

31 Principal Eikner
32 Vice Principal Dickers
33 Helen Dubois
34 The Lobster
35 Larry Stein

Cats secret Santa give from robbie

36 Mason Thornesmith
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