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1 Bade

Bade always was and always will be my OTP. If you don't think they're the cutest and most realistic couple on Nick, something's wrong with you.

Thank god I was afraid I would get on here and bori would be number one because people are dumb
There is so many things wrong with their relationship but thy make it work and it's so cute
I feel like there is a part of jade that only beck sees like a nice sensitive side but only occasionally I think that's really beautiful

I love the way Beck always agrees with Jade and it is adorable how he often apologizes for her behavior! Bade forever!

I would've liked to see Jade with Tori cause that would have been so hott to watch. Also it would had been interesting to see Trina and Beck go out. Of course I wanted to see Cat with Robbie. Finally I wouldn't had minded to see Andre with no one unless he was with another girl besides Cat, Tori, Jade, or Trina

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2 Bori

I like Bade, too, but in my opinion Bori have more chemistry. I also don't like the way Beck treats Jade sometimes (yes, I know Jade can be awful to him to but hear me out). Beck always tries to make her jealous and on the episode when they got back together he basically cheated on his date with Jade. I feel like since Tori's nicer to him than Jade is, he'd be nicer to Tori and they'd be very pleasant together. Jade deserves better

I really think Bade is cute but I totally like Bori more. I feel like they're more meant to be than Bade because Jade half doesn't deserve Beck. But either than that, I really like the friendship and chemistry between the two and they will make a perfect couple. Also because Beck agrees on things with Tori and they're both there to help each other when they need it. Bori is my ship!

I wanted to see Robbie and Jade become a couple, and Tori and Beck ending up together. Beck is more in love with Tori, and Robbie the cute nerd dating Jade the hot goth would be the cutest thing ever. I would also like to see Andre and Trina become a couple, because opposites attract couples are too cute, and he could help her become a better singer.

Beck and tori are the best couple ever made

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3 Jori

To be honest this should had happened at the end of the series because at first they were fighting then they became friends then they should've dated

It would've been completely sexy if Jade and Tori were really a couple. Just them kissing and making out would've had me begging for more

Tori and Jade making out would be insanely hot cause they both have very hot bodies and them using it on each other would be very amazing to watch lol!

Tori should've kissed Jade because they can't resist each other and them that would be the best thing ever!

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4 Cabbie

To be really clear I'm fine with Robbie dating either Cat or Trina or I would prefer both of them dating him. Cause I always thought that Cat had a massive crush on Robbie and Trina was secretly in love with Robbie as well, this is true because she always pretends to be mean to him during the case of the show. Now I really wish that there was a love triangle between them cause then that would show that both Cat and Trina really care about Robbie and for once it would've been cute to see two pretty girls fight over a nerd for a change. Now who would Robbie would've chose I have no idea but my money is on that he would've chosen Cat cause he liked her first and was totally in love with her. However if Cat and Trina decided that they both should date Robbie then perhaps Robbie would've gotten the best of both worlds cause he would've had two amazing girls who he probably would love and treat the same to care and love him both equally. Robbie loves both Cat and Trina and I think both of ...more

Yea but I totally get what you're trying to say but I just think that only Cat belongs with Robbie and no one else. Because let's just say that Trina and Robbie went out, most likely Trina would be dating Robbie just to take advantage of him cause typically when a girl like Trina falls for a guy like Robbie she does it for either money or for some other selfish desires that she demands to have from him. But if Cat dated Robbie it would be a totally different story cause she would do it from the bottom of her heart not because she wants something from him no she would do it because she really loves Robbie. Besides I think Robbie already knows that Cat would be a much loving girlfriend than Trina would've ever been.

Robbie always seems to be there for cat, even when no-one else is. He has written her a song (I think your swell) expressing his love for her, and at the cow wow dance her tried asking her there, but cat didn't want to, until he went with someone else, and she realised that she did have feelings for him. Sealed with a kiss.

I absolutely love Cabbie I swear they're the cutest couple every. Also I hate how they never really got together during the show. They would've made the perfect couple and I wished that they had kissed more often like Beck and Jade did it would've been very sweet to see Robbie kiss Cat all the time

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5 Tandre

This couple honestly should have happened by the end of the series. You can see the chemistry between the two, and out of all the "couples or relationships" in the show, this one intrigued me the most. What really makes me mad is I feel like they didn't get them together because they have different skin color, and a lot of these shows act scared to do that. It really ticks me off, because it seems like they would have put them together if they were both white. I love interactial couples as well as same race couples, it just seems they pair people together because of color and not love.

Bori fans would argue that Tori only liked Beck in the show. However though at many times during the series of the show it looked like Andre and Tori were eventually going to date. Also if they dated I wonder if Beck would've been jealous of their relationship kinda like how Tori is jealous of Beck and Jades relationship although she'll never admit it. If Andre dated Tori then Beck would've broken up with Jade for Tori so that Jade would've dated Andre instead of Tori dating Andre. I don't know it would've been complicated to say the least.

This couple should've happened on the show because Andre and Tori at times it seemed like that they were more than best friends and they could've been couple material but for some reason it didn't work out like we wanted it to. But it's kinda disappointing that the only real couple was Beck and Jade on the show people would've live if Tandre was real and Cabbie too.

I wanted this couple to happen the most out of all of them, I was disappointed to say the least. Andre and Tori have chemistry and are so comfortable around each other, I was surprised they didn't get together.

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6 Cade

I was four was this show first came out,and I just rediscovered it.As a ten year old bi girl,this appealed to me so much! Cat and Jade are also my favourite characters

I think they have really good chemistry together and I think they’re also the best characters on the show ever!

Cat was the only person besides Beck that Jade actually liked cause she didn't get along with Tori or even Trina for that matter. I think it was kinda obvious that Cat had a crush on Jade so I could've totally see this happening. In fact Jade being a lesbian is totally likely due to the way her personality when it comes to guys being scared of her. I think it's safe to say that both Cat and Jade were a bit insecure at times and if they loved each other they would've learned to love themselves even more together.

Oh my god I wanted Cat and Jade to make out so badly! They would make one of the hottest lesbian couples ever! Also Cat did have a crush on Jade and she probably wanted to kiss her too. I always thought that Jade was a lesbian in disguise because she loved scissors and on an occasion she would flirt with Tori and Cat and stare at their asses!

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7 Bat

Beck thinks that Cat is a stupid hoe that's probably why he didn't go out with her because he had the chance to at the time when him and Jade broke up. But what I don't get is why he didn't go out Tori either I mean it was kinda obvious that he liked her but I guess he didn't want hurt Jade. But now I remember that he did try to kiss her but Tori rejected him which was really lame but funny on her part.

That episode he protected her instead of Jade. That says something right there.

Yeah but Cat is in love with Robbie so she doesn't like him like that and she's afraid that Jade would hurt her if she did

Beck and Cat dating would've rip the hearts of all the Cabbie fans so I'm kinda glad that didn't work out between them

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8 Jandre

They are literally the cutest. When Andre had a crush on her. They both have anger problems. Andre has minor and jade has major. I just think that a little date and quick peck would be cute.

Andre thought that Jade was sexy and that's what made him have a huge crush on her. I always wondered if Jade liked Andre back because she doesn't seem to be bothered by him at all. If Beck had broken up with her for Tori I think she would've dated Andre.

You don't understand Andre was always hypnotized by Jade lol! I think Jade knew that Andre had a crush on her. I wanted to see Andre date both Tori and Jade. He would've made out with Tori and had screwed Jade!

It was totally funny how Andre was crazy for Jade in one episode. Andre should had told Jade how he felt and kissed her right in front of Beck that would've been interesting to see and watch

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9 Rade

I always imagined that Robbie would be the one to grab Jades ass because Lowkey it looked like that was fat and Cats ass too! If that happened I swear Robbie would've been the man and Beck would've done nothing about it too.

Robin and Jade should have happened. The geeky nerdy boy with the popular goth girl would have been so cute to see. They are so cute together and you can tell Robbie has a crush on Jade.

If Robbie and Jade went out together it would had been weird and cute at the same time. But then again Robbie always wants to make out with Jade so I could see that happening

I loved it when they were together on Star Spangled Tori - VictoriaJusticeFan

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10 Candre

I feel like Cat was a lesbian because she didn't want to go out with Robbie and she was constantly flirting with girls especially Tori and Jade and not only that she also blew Tori a kiss which I thought was kinda sexy. In fact during game the entire show guys treated her wrong but if she went out with girls then she would've been loved because she's beautiful. I also wish that Ariana Grande was a lesbian think about it for a sec she would make a sexy lesbian!

To me they're the most unlike you couple of victorious because Andre either has a crush on Jade or Tori. Also most likely Cat only likes his as a friend and she has feelings for Robbie too so definitely not Candre. Jandre forever and Cabbie forever

To be completely honest to begin with Andre should be with either Tori or Jade. Also Cat has a huge crush on Robbie so it wouldn't have worked out from the jump

Cat was like Andres sister so know it wouldn't have worked out between the two of them as far as them being a couple.

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11 Rori

I always wanted Robbie to go out with Tori they would make a great couple. The nerd and a popular girl always make a good couple

Yeah I mean it was obvious that Robbie had a crush on Tori. Plus Tori is so sweet to Robbie they should've gone out together

I remember he always tried to kiss her. Both Robbie and Sinjin were totally obsessed with Tori and both kinda had a chance because she literally stayed single till the end of the show which kinda surprised me.

The nerd and popular girl are always meant to be.

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12 Brina

They would've been the most underrated couple on the show in my opinion.

I could've seen Beck in able to get with Tori he would've dated Trina first cause hello that's what I would've done! #Brinaforever

I shipped Beck and Trina from the moment I found out she was a yandere with a crush! Lol.

13 Jencer

Jade and Spencer from Icarly

14 Samandre

Andre and Sam from the Icarly Crossover.

15 Bam

Beck and Sam from Icarly

16 Cori

Cat and Tori would make an adorable lesbian couple cause they're both very pretty and it would've been more hot to watch them kiss all the time.

17 Robina

Robbie and Trina would be a cute couple.

18 Jarina

Jade and Trina. Opposites attract.

19 Sade


20 Gat

Gibby and Cat, they were flirting on the icarly crossover episode,plus they are a lot alike.

21 Tarly

Tori and Carly from the Icarly crossover.

22 Frina

Trina and Freddie Benson

23 Jarly

Jade and Carly from Icarly

24 Jam

Jade and Sam from Icarly

25 Toribby

Tori and Gibby from Icarly

26 Sikorina
27 Trencer
28 Catrina

Cat and Trina are just so cute! After ‘Tori the Zombie’,I just totally shipped them. And I think they should’ve gotten together.

29 Catorade

Cat,Tori,and Trina are like the cutest thing in the world!

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