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21 The Birthweek Song

Stage fighting because it is good to see jade and tori finally work it out and it is also funny as well. One of my favourite episodes

Dramatic spoiler. How could trina sell the tori song and I seriously don't like tori but for once I'll stand up for her

22 Robarazzi

I love how Cat is obsessed with sky store in this episode and how she is so cute because I don't like the episodes when she is serious. Also it was funny how Robbie becomes popular and stuff. Laugh out loud. Xoxo

Funny as hell.

Robarazzi is not that good

L like the scene with beck and jade in the car but that robbie won't shut down robbarazzi

23 The Gorilla Club

This is quite a good one as I have watched it already. It is where all of tori's friends think she is very soft. Tori proves them wrong when she fights against a gorilla.
This video is very exciting.

Love this episode. Its cool to see tori do those daring things!

Who doesn't love this that's all l will say

24 Crazy Ponnie

Because this is one of the most funniest and craziest Victorious episodes ever but it was sad to really truly see it go because I really truly saw every episode beginning to end so sad.

Jenette mccurdy was in this and she's really funny so it was a great episode.

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25 Prom Wrecker

Funny episode, Tori and Jade look amazing in their prom dress

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26 How Trina Got In

I showed my best friend this and she wouldn't shut up about it after you just forget how key trina is

Best episode ever! It's so funny how everybody keeps making up crazy stories of how Trina got in.

I wish I could meet victoria justice

27 Tori Gets Stuck

Amazing totally sick its great how tori and jade bond together and I love the songs

I never thought of it as bonding bit it was and poor robbie and tori

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28 The Bird Scene

Haha this one was funny when jade wrote stupid on toris locker - cabennett18

29 Beck Falls for Tori

I love this episode they should get together and stay like that

Avan jogia fall's in love with her best friend Victoria Justice Liz gillies is mad Avan kissed Victoria but Victoria loved it so Avan was cheating on Liz gillies from shafik

He doesn't fall in love with tori! He does the falling stunt fopr her!

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30 Helen Back Again

It's so funny when Jade says "POP GOES THE WEASEL" in that voice! And it's just my favourite episode!

This one was hilarious I loved jades audition - cabennett18

Sticks with you forever

31 The Bad Roommate

It was so hilarious! I loved it.

I only feel sorry for jade

32 Rex Dies

When tori does the thing with the machine Rex starts singing his favourite song when he was dieing

I love this episode because it's LOL funny and Robbie is really a bit creepy!

Who was doing the voice rex while Matt wasn't there

Jades lines were so funny

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33 Car, Rain & Fire

I love this episode so much, I can't believe it's only number twenty four! :O

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34 Opposite Date

Love every minute, especially the part where jade imitates cat

Jade slayed in this episode she looked beautiful

This is my all time favorite episode, right in front of "Freak the Freak Out", and the "Birthweek Song". I love it so much because it is hilarious when Jade imitates Cat, and when they are all in "petmergency" and all these different people get involved. WATCH THIS EPISODE NOW!

The ending was cute and funny

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35 Tori Fixes Beck & Jade

I love the song.. Best song for the people who break up with their relationship and realize that she/he is the wrong one for picking somebody that she or he really don't like them.. And the best part is when jade and beck kiss!

I think this was the BEST episode because Beck finally realizes that he likes girls who have strong opinions and girls who fight back. Seeing Jade and Beck together made me happy because it's cute how only Beck can handle Jade. It also shows how 'tough and mean' Jade acts but from the inside, she's really soft. She just hides her emotions to make her seem 'scary'. #BadeForever enough said.

Amazing song and beck and jade were cute as hell

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36 Wok Star

It was a hilarious episode! Specially when the girl sings the song and how trina did her role it was so funny. Also seeing josh it was incredible!

I never thought about Batman singing as he's plunging to the bottom of a well

When beck meets Mr. lee it's very funny

37 Prom Night

Prom night is prom wrecker which has already been mentioned

Prom night is very cute and great especially jade I like jade when she put scary video at the prom atnd tori get angry

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38 Tori & Jade's Play Date

Yeah jade is awesome always has been though

The song is amazing and I really like Jade.

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39 A Christmas Tori
40 Stage Fighting

Robbie was very lucky in this episode he got to kiss someone a few time in order to get the scene rigth - Neolion

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