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41 Cell Block

I think it is hilarious when cat bites through her leash

I love this episode! It s so funny, and I laugh every time. I especially love how Cat gets so crazy. #1!

Now I want a dog chew toy SHE IS JUST TOO FUNNY (CAT)

This episode is amazing u really have to wwatch it

42 Who Did It to Trina?

I love it, it's well-planned and thought of. I believe this deserves to be a Top 5 because not only is it well-planned, we get to see the characters talents, and I thought the story was funny and unlike any other, great episode!

This episode should at least be number 2

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43 A Christmas Tori
44 Star Spangled Tori

Victoria should totally sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl one day. - VictoriaJusticeFan

I love it were she gets dragged by the dog

When cat was living at hollywood arts... - cabennett18

I love the sense of humor and how Jade is very swaggy and just goes with the flow, she's like "YOU'RE GONNA MESS UP"

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45 Wi-Fi in the Sky

It's funny how jade thinks beck is cheating on him

I liked the parts where the little boy kept kicking Trina's seat on the plane, lol

So funny that's what I would put it it wasn't already there

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46 Kiss Kiss

What is that that isn't realm either

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47 Driving Tori Crazy

This was my favorite episode. It was very funny.

Five fingaz the song at the end is great

48 The Slap Fight

I love this episode, because of the crazy things they all do to get more followers, each one going to their own extreme! Their short film at the end is also really funny!

Did it have to end after that one

49 A Date With Rider

This episode is called Beggin' on Your Knees, actually. - VictoriaJusticeFan

Thank layperson who shared that comment

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50 The Wood
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