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Boss battles in video games are a test of all the skills you've acquired in the game. And the theme that plays during the battle can add to the atmosphere and make it all the more epic. Here is the top 10 best boss battle themes in video games.

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1 Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06

Sonic 06 had a great soundtrack. Not as good as some games, but this theme is epic, enough said. And why does everyone hate this game? Its like adventure, just modern! The only thing I didn't like is always running into walls... And thank god elise won't be coming back... Unless when generations comes out! D:

Even with all the issues this game has, this fight was epic as hell! But really, it's the music that makes it good. An orchestral remix of the main theme was a genius idea for the final boss theme. His World is already epic as hell, but this made things so much better. Love this soundtrack!

Must, resist, putting, song, on, CONSTANT REPEAT!

Do doo, doo doo, doo do, doo doo doo... Awesomeness people. Just. Awesome.

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2 Bowser Battle - Super Mario Galaxy
3 Demise of the Ritual - Shadow of the Colossus

This theme fits so perfectly to the final fight. After a cinematic that makes a lot of people cry, you are to the point of no return, you are thrown into the battle, the weather gets stormy. The final colossus is standing in front of you, near a cliff, and the music plays as you have tears coming out of you. You have killed every colossus, you have this weight on your shoulders.. Did it worth it? Well, you ca�"t turn back and you have to do your final fight. The music is all of it.

Incredible, this theme is a masterpeice

4 Egg Nega Wisp Phase 2 - Sonic Colours

Blergh, It fits with any final battle that takes place in space, That's for sure.

5 Megalovania - Undertale

This is an overrated track, the homestuck version had more power to it

Ok the song it's self is OVErrated
People like it cause of sans

6 Iris - Pokemon Black 2/Pokemon White 2

This music is very good for sounding!

Pokemon had be the best of everything!
Best villain, greatest hero and villain, greatest boss battle & more...

7 The Sun Rises - Okami

The amount of emotion and sheer beauty behind this piece is amazing. Instead of being 'epic' with bombastic horns or choirs/chanting, it has more of a empowering theme.

Many of you may have never heard it but I implore you to give it a listen:
h ttps://m. youtu be.c om /wat ch? v =ya3yxTbkh5s

Wouldn't it be amazing if Japan could somehow slot this theme into the 2020 Olympics!

8 Alphys Takes Action - Undertale
9 Hunters' Chance - Final Fantasy IX
10 Francis Theme - Super Paper Mario

The Contenders

11 Seymour Battle - Final Fantasy X
12 Fatalize - Tales of Symphonia
13 Banson's Aria - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
14 Boss Battle - Wario Land 4
15 Chaos Final Form - Sonic Adventure
16 Rookie And Popple - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This one has been stuck in my head since I first fought Popple. Not that I mind, since it's really catchy. - Garythesnail

17 Betrayal - Silent Hill 2
18 Rawk Hawk Battle - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door
19 02's Theme - Kirby 64
20 Battle With Serris - Metroid Fusion
21 Baladium's Drive - Klonoa Door to Phantomile

Voting for this since the themes I find to be the best aren't on this list - DarkShadows

22 Chasing Gary - Bully
23 Final Gauntlet Part 2 - Contra 3 the Alien Wars
24 Cradle - Goldeneye 007
25 Aparoid Queen Battle 2 - Starfox Assault

Starfox assault is my 2nd best game ever and this boss theme is awesome

26 The Great Mighty Poo's Song - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Who knew they've decided to choose something sophisticated like opera and use for something so unsophisticated as feces.

27 Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI
28 Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra
29 We are Finaly Cowboys - No More Heroes


Pfft, yeah this theme owns Philistine. - Shadsilvson11

30 Megalovania - Radiation's Halloween Hack
31 Strong One - Mother 3

Still, how exactly does one have a heartbeat in a 15/8 (or even worse, 29/16) time signature and a very awkward one at that?

One of the most badass songs in the entire game hands down.

32 Heavy Metal - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
33 Dark Samus - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Dark Samus - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
34 Dancing Cannon - Cho Aniki
35 Hopes and Dreams - Undertale
36 Asgore - Undertale Asgore - Undertale Asgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox. Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans to acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted more.
37 Masked Dedede - Kirby Super Star Ultra
38 Master Hand - Super Smash Bros Brawl
39 Escaping Gotha - Medal of Honor: Frontline
40 Techno Boss Battle - Radiation's Halloween Hack
41 One Winged Angel - Final Fantasy 7
42 Eyes of Flame - Cave Story
43 Porky Means Business - Earthbound
44 Rundas - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
45 Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed Perfect Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed
46 Death By Glamour - Undertale
47 So Cold - Undertale
48 Amalgam - Undertale
49 Flight - Xenogears
50 Glacial - Borderlands 2
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1. Hunters' Chance - Final Fantasy IX
2. Fatalize - Tales of Symphonia
3. Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06
1. Alphys Takes Action - Undertale
2. Megalovania - Undertale
3. Banson's Aria - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
1. Iris - Pokemon Black 2/Pokemon White 2
2. Francis Theme - Super Paper Mario
3. Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06


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