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Mario vs Sonic

This one could go either way depending on one or two factors; is Sonic mach 5 or light speed? (Or somewhere between? ) If light speed, there's nothing Mario can do. If mach 5, I can see Mario standing a chance. Both have gone toe-to-toe with cosmic beings. In the end, it's a battle between Mario's immense strength and Sonic's incredible speed. (Just don't trust DEATH BATTLE or the VS Battles Wiki.)

Mario is one of the oldest and most memorable video game characters ever to be created. Sonic is yet another great character. Those two clashing is and would be one of the greatest ever fights.

This would be the most epic battle there is. DEATH BATTLE doesn't count. Sega and Nintendo needs to make a game to see who'd win

It would be a great battle! It's was on the DEATH BATTLE series

Master Chief vs Captain Price

It would be cool to see, but most likely we all know that master chief would win

Megaman vs Samus

Yes! Both have the same arm cannon, and Megaman could use his surroundings against Samus while she could use her ball form to dodge! A great match.

Sound fun to watch

Cole Mcgrath vs Alex Mercer
Cole Phelps vs Sean Devlin vs Vito Scaletta

Sean Devlin could easily take out Mario. Does Mario have a silenced Sten or Walther P38?

Nothing like a three way shootout, except maybe a four way

Duke Nukem vs Serious Sam

It will be very epic if you will see 2 heavy weapon guys shoot each other.

Serious sam will win since he has an over powered cannon and bomb.

Big Daddy vs Pyramid Head

Two awesome characters from two of the best survival horror games going head to head. One has a big drill while the other has a big sword. Even though they may have two different kinds of weapons, both weapons are huge melee weapons and both characters can be scary as heck to go up against

Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft

Lara would win

Jak & Daxter vs Ratchet & Clank

Both come from an engineering background, while I believe Ratchet has better weapons it would be really interesting to see what argument people can make over them...

Ratchet and Clank would win easily

Easily Ratchet and Clank

They need no fight :Ratchet would Jak turn in a sheep😁

Siegfried vs Zero

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Goku vs Liu Kang

I have to say Goku would win this one because of his instant transmission kamehameha

Goku would mess enyone and has came back from the dead like a thousand times he could just oh all I have to say.

It would be awesome they're both EPIC charecters! Liu kang beat reptile who had way more experience that him. And Goku beat Frieza!

Sam Fisher vs James Bond

Nice to see a pair of detectives. Fighting for the interval. But one is direct where the other is not so much. He is silent.

Both are essentially spies working for a secret service. NSA and MI6 respectively.

Spyro vs Onaga
Naruto vs Ichigo

Demon Fox Ninja vs Ghost Sencor


Sam Fisher vs Nathan Drake
Sweet Tooth vs Jack

Flaming chainsaw and an arm-mounted chainsaw

Sweet Tooth would win

Solid Snake vs Exit

How did no one pick up on this yet! This would be truly epic!

Rad Spencer vs Scorpion

One has a grapling hook. The other has a palm-mounted harpoon.

Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher
Ezio vs Altair

Yes! I love them both.

Samus vs Master Chief
Nina Cortex vs Coco Bandicoot
Link vs Steve
Ness vs Sans
Sackboy vs Kirby
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