Naughty Dog


Naughty Dog's developers are true innovators. They continuously push the limits of video games with each new release. And can invoke all forms of emotions. With Crash Bandicoot, they can make innocent children laugh. With Uncharted, can give you pure adrenaline, making Indiana Jones' movies to life. Blending the line between Movie acting and Video game acting since the first Uncharted. They truly reached the epitome of progress with The Last of Us. Besides pushing a 7 year old console and utilizing it to it's absolute limit, they set a milestone in acting so incredibly high and giving excellent visuals and fluid animations. Not even mentioning the shiver inducing soundtrack that perfectly fits the gritty mood of the game. With TLOU's cliched but very well realised, depressing story and never before seen acting, it can make a grown man cry

Naughty Dog has created some of the best games I have played and will play in all my life. Uncharted is the stepping stone for action narrative games. With amazing character development and off the chain set pieces. The Last of Us is one of the best or arguably the best game of the PS3 and PS4 generation or all time for a matter of fact. With an emotional story and beautiful graphics its amazing. Even Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter and PlayStation icons and are timeless classics we all want another game to. Their past 3 games have gotten 10's and Uncharted 4 isn't looking to be any different in scores.

Much like valve, Naughty Dog has never come out with a mediocre game. Every game released by them had been a major success. Naughty dog is even respected by other game companies with how they make their games and looked up to as one of the most iconic game companies ever, as Gabe Newell even gave props to them for uncharted 3.

Since The original Crash Bandicoot there hasn't been a single Naughty Dog game I didn't think was great. Why is this? Because they take time with their games and don't rush it. The original Crash games, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted and The Last of us are all amazing games, and deserve the praise they get. Uncharted 4 is definitely my most hyped game of 2016!

Known for their outstanding stories in games, mixed with incredible graphics and gameplay make Naughty Dog #1 on my list. Since I started playing games, I was 4 at they time, I was inexperienced, but always loved the story most about games. Naughty dog never fails to blow my mind with their stories. The last of us is a perfect example!

Naughty Dog not only made the best games on each respective Playstation console, but they also care more about consumers than profit. They even cancelled Jak 4 because they felt they weren't doing the franchise justice and the fans will be dissapointed, and thought it would end up being a cash grab. How many other companies can you think of that would refuse an obvious profit due to not satisfying the customer. That is something that deserves respect.

Can anyone seriously say they have ever made a bad game? I mean even their early games like Rings of Power & Way of The Warrior are not even considered bad games. Regardless of opinion on individual games that you may not like but can you seriously say they are bad. By far one of the best developers ever!

I am so proud of Naught Dog, I'm in love with all their games. The funnest gaming experiences in my life came from their games. They never fail to have great graphics, either. And amazing soundtracks. And stories, and - whoops, had to stop myself from writing a novel. But ya, they're amazing. Thank so much and

As the news got confirmed that uncharted 4 was the last installment in the series, felt bad, looking forward to play such games! Naughty dog be the best! Good luck! If any chance please continue the uncharted series

Without a doubt, they have the most skilled developing team on the planet. To go from Crash Bandicoot/Jak & Daxter, an unforgettable platformer; to Uncharted, an epic story driven action adventure; to The Last of Us. a survival horror & action game. No other developer can pull off the transition of genres and end up with a masterpiece every time. They're an icon of the gaming industry--one's to look up to.

Naughty Dog is the most superior video gane developers in the entire world. The team behind the sony exclusive company have put forth a series of ingenious minds to create some of the most incredible breathtaking masterpieces ever known to the gaming industry. Naughty Dog doesn't only sell their beautiful video games, they sell consoles! And that is why sony will continue to crush their competition. I can't say enough good about Naughty Dog. Id be willing to pay tripple for their quality products. Naughty Dog is #1 and respectively so.

No Doubt the very best game developers. They prove it again and again after every game. All the games they have made are amazing. They don't milk a franchise like ubisoft or Microsoft or activation (assassin creed, halo, Call of Duty) rather takes risk and make new IPs. They surely know how to make games. Hands down the very best game developers in the industry.

Naughty Dogs deserves to be the first. It created some of the best games like the Uncharted Series and the studio also created The Last of Us which was truly a masterpiece.

Naughty dog may not release as many games as a lot of game developers but that's what makes the better because they release quality not quantity.

They make the best game. The last of us is the best game that's ever been made. No wonder it won over 200 game of the year awards. The uncharted series is also just amazing.

Rings of power. Crash Bandicoot series. Jak and Daxter series. Uncharted Series. The Last of Us. This is awesome.

This company deserves it's respect! It is the company that brought us Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Jak And Daxter, even Crash Bandicoot (at least in the early days... )

Naughty Dog is hands down the best! With the creation of Crash Bandicoot, UNCHARTED, and The Last of Us! These games are some of the best! I am addicted to Uncharted and Crash! They make perfect games without and flaws. yeah there may be some stand out mistake but even the mistakes themselves are amazing!

Last of us, uncharted, jak and daxter beats every game the only reason people pick valve and Nintendo is because you never played any of these games

Crash Bandicoot, Jak, Daxter, Nathan Drake, Joel, Ellie, Naughty Dog has a character for everyone.

The only developer who can make games with characters that are well written, not just in terms of games, but in any type of media or literature.

Every game they have ever made has been beautiful. From Crash to Jak to Uncharted to the Last of us. 1 upping the other games of that period every time. then when others have almost beaten them with story and graphics they pop back in with a more amazing game than before. At least worthy of 3rd

Have you played The Last of Us? Uncharted 2? No one has ever, and possibly no one will ever put as good a cinematic experience into your hands.

It is one the best game developer in the world for me... uncharted series, the last of us.. these games are the best games I've ever played!

Uncharted and The Last Of Us where incredible games that each have great character, great stories, and occasional funny bits.