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101 Spike Chunsoft Spike Chunsoft

Made the Danganronpa games, so their great! - Orpoz

102 Turbine

Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Asheron's Call -

103 Neversoft

The only company that could make a proper tony hawk game.

Yep new Tony Hawk is crap now for ps2 Underground 2 was my favorite - matthewwilliams2

104 Black Isle Studios

Worked on some of the greatest oldschool rpgs. Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate and others

105 Mojang Mojang Mojang AB is a Swedish video game developer founded in May 2009 under the name Mojang Specifications by game programmer Markus Persson, best known for creating the popular independent game Minecraft, a sandbox game.

Minecraft is probably the best game in all of the world and was created by Mojang. Why aren't they rated higher? Minecraft was made so people would stay away from games where people shoot and kill other people. Mojang should be rated higher.

They made Minecraft people

They have made some pretty awesome original games one of which is the top selling Minecraft

In my opinion, Minecraft is overrated. There are way better games out there (exept fo Five Nights At Freddies, that game is garbage and bad). Minecraft was only popular because of young children telling eachother and YouTubers playing it. Seriously, it isn't really that good, but is moderate.

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106 Konami Konami Konami Holdings Corporation is a Japanese entertainment company that formed in 1969. Konami does a high amount of distributing products such as slot machines and arcade games, anime, video games, and trading / game cards. Konami also

Metal Gear solid series, Fox engine

Konami is the best suikoden, metal gear, snatcher, contra, and castlevania and so many other good series truly amazing game company

Too bad they turned. They were awesome back then.

We need Jim here - Hoxton

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107 Milestone
108 IO Interactive V 2 Comments
109 Stellar Stone Stellar Stone Stellar Stone, LLC was a video game developer founded in 2000 and based in Santa Monica, California. The company developed games offshore in Russia and Ukraine, with a small staff and low budget.

Lol troll right? They made terrible video games

Did a troll vote for this garbage company?

WINNER studio, They made Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

110 Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios is the video game production wing for Microsoft, responsible for the development and publishing of games for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows, Steam, Windows Store, and Windows Phone platforms.
111 Silver Dollar Games
112 343 Industries 343 Industries V 1 Comment
113 GSC Game World
114 Infogrames

Original and 2nd RollerCoaster Tycoon, Civilisation and many other great games - DragonHarrier

115 Zygna

A person said that "this should be #1 on this list, as it makes the worst games ever", this is BEST video game developers, not worst.

Why is it down here in number 78? It should be #1 on the list! They make the worst games EVER. Only noobs play their games

Zynga should die out and be bankrupt. Their CEO might be autistic. Why is it on the list?

Lolololololololo...Troll right? Noobs company

116 Monolith Soft
117 Broderbund
118 Traveller's Tales

They made many Lego games and some other licensed stuff.

119 Team Shanghai Alice
120 Sakurai

Sakurai is a developer at Sora Ltd. , not a game company.

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