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121 Sunsoft V 1 Comment
122 Ghost Games
123 Visceral Games

They made Dead space 1 2 and 3 must be on the list and they are making Battlefield Hardline. Put them like number 14 on the list.

124 Apps Chopper Apps Chopper Being an industry leader in providing the world-class mobile app development solutions, AppsChopper has gained a niche position in the industry. Our company’s work revolves around designing, developing, and finally testing the applications that are due to be delivered to the clients. Every one of more.
125 Philips Philips Koninklijke Philips N.V. is a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of electronics, healthcare and lighting.

This garbage company made CDi, with terrible games and they made 3 terrible Legend of Zelda knock-offs and Hotel Mario.

V 1 Comment
126 Kongregate

This is a website, not a developer. Users can post games on this website.

127 Armor Games

This is not a developer, it is a website where people can upload games.

128 Greenheart Games
129 Grasshopper Manufacture Grasshopper Manufacture Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is a Japanese video game developer founded on 30 March 1998 in Suginami, Japan.
130 The 3DO Company
131 Slightly Mad Studios

1. It has developed one of the best racing games ever (PROJECT Cars)
2. It has world-class artists and designers
3. In some games it is a developer and at the same time it is a publisher

132 LJN LJN LJN Toys, Limited was an American toy company and video game publisher in operation from 1970 to 1995. It manufactured toy lines and released battery operated water guns and video games based on licensed properties from movies, television shows, and celebrities.

Really? They made terrible games!

133 Accolade Accolade Accolade, Inc. was an American video game developer and publisher of the 1980s and 1990s. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it was founded in 1984 by Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead after leaving another game developer and publisher they had founded, Activision.
134 Big Red Button Entertainment Big Red Button Entertainment

Why are Big Red Button on here? They are absolutely bad. Hell, they made Sonic Boom, which was godawful.

135 Budcat Creations
136 Image Space Incorporated

King of sim racing

137 Team Meat
138 Game Arts
139 Namco Tales Studio/Wolf Team
140 Red Entertainment
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